a story of expectations, blows and infidelity


Between the seventies and eighties they were one of the most loved couples in Hollywood. The actor Jack Nicholson and the actress Anjelica Huston they were in love for seventeen years, from 1973 to 1990. The two Hollywood stars met for the first time at a party he threw at his Los Angeles home. Their love, however, was not all plain sailing as they left out from their public appearances.

The sick love between Anjelica Huston and Jack Nicholson

The actress revealed many details about her relationship with Jack Nicholson in her autobiography Watch Me: A memoir, released in 2014. After exchanging a few lines during the party, the two staro danced for hours and then spent the whole night together. The next morning, she returned home by taxi. A few days later, Jack Nicholson called her to invite her out for dinner, but shortly he canceled the appointment because of another woman. At that time, in fact, some rumors circulated about a possible relationship between the actor and Michelle Gilliam, the singer of the group Mamas & the Papas.

During their rather turbulent relationship, there were many moments of tension, mostly due to jealousy. The actress, for example, revealed that they were having dinner in a restaurant one night when Jack Nicholson started flirting with a model. Irritated by her disrespectful attitude, Anjelica Huston got up to leave but the actor grabbed her wrist and made her sit down saying “Don’t ever get up like this again“.

Another noteworthy episode was during a Carole King concert in 1973 in Central Park. Throughout the concert, singer Joni Mitchell sat on the floor between Jack Nicholson’s legs. The actress confessed in her book that she felt a lot of jealousy for this very close relationship between the two and, when she tried to ask the actor for an explanation, he dismissed her with a simple “she’s just an old friend“. Anjelica Huston had initial evidence of Jack Nicholson’s escapades from her friend and colleague Apollonia van Ravenstein, who confessed to having an affair with him. The actor downplayed it again, telling her that he had only been with her out of pity.

It must be said that, in the early seventies, Jack Nicholson was not only one of the most sought after actors in Hollywood, but was considered by all women as a real sex symbol. The girls, even very young, tried in every way to attract his attention as happened at the Cannes Film Festival in 1974:

Beautiful French girls on motorcycles or bicycles approached him and asked him “Jack, do you want to take a ride with me?”. Most of the time he went up and left me alone on the sidewalk. I remember returning to our hotel room in tears.

Anjelica Huston, despite Jack Nicholson’s constant lack of respect, continued to believe in their love, convinced that one day sooner or later the actor would ask her to marry him. But the actor had very different intentions:

I remember one night we were watching The Newlywed Game, a television game that pitted newly married couples against each other in a series of questions to figure out how well they knew each other. At one point I told him “If you had balls, you would marry me”. He replied “Marry you? You’re joking, right?”. After his words, I cried for three days straight.

In 1975, the actress decided to leave him to start a relationship with another actor, that is Ryan O’Neal. Their relationship turned out to be even worse than that with Jack Nicholson: O’Neal in fact cheated on her repeatedly and beaten her up on more than one occasion. After a year and a half she decided to leave him and decided to go back to Nicholson. Nothing changed in their relationship: the actor continued to be a Latin lover, and every time she turned a blind eye.

From time to time, in the house, I would find a pair of women’s panties, or a bra or some love letter or some jewelry that did not belong to me. During public appearances I wore the jewelry I found in the house several times to see if anyone would approach me to tell me it was hers, but it never actually happened.

The end of their turbulent love came in the early 1990s. One night, Jack Nicholson invited her to his house for dinner and confessed that very soon he would be having a baby with Rebecca Broussard, a woman twelve years younger than Huston. The actress, of course, said goodbye. A few days later, however, after seeing an article in Playboy that told of a relationship between a young woman and Nicholson, Huston no longer saw us in anger because of the photo that accompanied the article that portrayed Nicholson jokingly spanking her. girl with a ping pong racket.

Huston broke into the actor’s office – on one of the Paramount Pictures lots – and punched and kicked him to exhaustion and he never tried to fight back. In 1992, Anjelica Huston married the sculptor Robert Graham and in 1995, on the set of The Crossing Guard by Sean Penn, he found himself working with beloved / hated Jack Nicholson as his ex-wife. Despite their understandable discomfort, the two worked peacefully. On the last day of shooting they decided to have lunch together. On that occasion, the actor addressed her the following words “You and I, Toots, we are like “Love in the time of cholera”“. A phrase that the actress liked a lot because Love in the time of cholera it is one of his favorite books.

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