A stroke of luck on Wednesday saved Carlos Correa from new hardships

Carlos Correa certainly has to be breathing a sigh of relief today. And we’re not just raising it because he already has a duly signed contract for his next six years in the big leagues. We set him up for a setback he missed yesterday, by sheer luck, which perhaps saved him from facing an avalanche of new doubts about the condition of his ankle and the potential closure of his new contract.

Before proceeding, let’s start by admitting that the idea we mentioned is an assumption. But we can assure you that without a doubt it could have happened.

And it is that on Wednesday morning, throughout the United States and Puerto Rico, a crisis broke out in the air traffic system that forced the temporary closure of flights, something that the last time the United States experienced was on December 11. September 2001 and a few days after.

Well, know that, luckily, Correa and his family were able to arrive in Minnesota a few minutes before that emergency and after that he was able to go to undergo the new physical tests that the team carried out on him to make way for the final signing of the contract.

Can you imagine that Correa’s flight would have been delayed by the crisis? It is very fair to think that even when Minnesota and agent Scott Boras said that this setback existed, someone was going to report that some source would assure that there were new doubts about the physical condition of the Puerto Rican.

And what can you tell me about the notice that the media covering the Twins would receive about the postponement of the press conference in which Correa would be presented a couple of hours before the notified time. That was the case on a weekday some four weeks ago when the San Francisco Giants canceled a press conference in which they intended to present Correa as their big hire of the season under a deal reportedly for 13 years, $350 million. , the fourth most in total value in Major League history.

And not to mention if someone pointed out that Correa did not show up for the physical evaluation that he had scheduled for that morning with the Twins doctors, all this in the abortive process of signing with the New York Mets for 12 years and $315 million due to the same doubts that the Giants’ medical staff had.

You can already imagine the perception that all this could have forged, and God knows if with that force even that affected the devaluation of Correa’s contract even more, than from the potential of having signed for $350 million, he did it for six years and $200 million with the potential to extend it via options to a total of $270 in 10 years.

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