“A team without personality, how bad it looks”


Just as the fans who came to the stadium to see their team against the Victorythe former president of marathon, yankel rosenthalyou are not happy with the performance of the green monster, that fell 2-3 this Saturday for date 6 the Closure 2022.

The purslane team lost its second game in a row after being defeated on the previous date against Honduran Progress (2-1); He was previously beaten by the Lifetime (3-0) in La Ceiba.

Who was the chief executive of the marathon, Rosenthalwhose name bears the stadium of the sampedrano club, spoke on social networks, where he expressed his frustration in the comments of the team’s publication announcing the new fall of the green.

“How bad is it looking marathonit saddens me to see that we have made a team with little personality”, was the note of Yankeeformer president of the institution.

$!Yankel Rosenthal, former president of Marathon, disappointed after the defeat:

And he added: “The noble fans and the institution do not deserve it. Let’s go ahead, we recover the great, let’s recover the Monster thing “.

The swollen purslane exploded in the stands of the yankel rosenthal after the defeat against Victoria. The coaching staff of Martin tattooGarcia he was insulted and suffered objects thrown by his fans, who demanded the resignation of the Uruguayan coach.

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