A tourist was denied an audience with Pope Francis and broke two busts exhibited in the Vatican: “He is a disturbed person”

The attacker, of Egyptian nationality, was arrested after being reduced by a local guide.

An Egyptian tourist had a fit of rage in the Vatican Museums and broke two statues Romans. And he couldn’t break anymore because a local guide stopped him. After the attempted escape he was detained by the Police and for these hours he continues to be detained.

The particular event took place this past Wednesday at noon – Italian time – when the man arrived from the United States requested an audience with the Pope. After being denied, she flew into a rage and started destroying everything around her.

“It’s a gesture of a upset person“, confirmed the Vatican press spokesman Matteo Bruni.

According to statements made by Giuliano, the guide who stopped him, “the man He got angry after they denied him the presence of Pope Francis”.

It is not clear how the Egyptian managed to remove the busts, since in theory they are anchored. The truth is that two of them, more than 2000 years old, ended up on the floor: one had damage to the nose and the other to the base.

One of the Roman busts that were pulled up by an Egyptian tourist.  Photo Vatican Museums

One of the Roman busts that were pulled up by an Egyptian tourist. Photo Vatican Museums

The two Roman sculptures, of unknown characters, were on a shelf. And, according to the restorers of the place, “they had no relevant damage” and “they have already been sent to the laboratory to be restored.”

As published by the newspaper ABC from Spain, the sculptures belong to the collection exhibited at the Chiaramonti Museum and are located in the gallery that connects the Belvedere Palace with the rest of the Vatican Palaces.

The collection brings together Roman portraits and bears the surname of Pope Pius VII.

According to Italian media publications, after Giuliano prevented the Egyptian from breaking things, Vatican gendarmes acted to finally stop him.

He was then handed over to the Italian authorities who are waiting for these hours to take his statement.


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