A volley from Benzema and a shot from Kroos gave Real Madrid the win against Athletic Club and keep the pressure on Barcelona


THERE IS NO TIME FOR MORE! Real Madrid triumphs at San Mamés thanks to goals from Benzema and Kroos (0-2). Ancelotti’s men have 41 points, only surpassed by leader Barcelona, ​​who has 44.

93 & # 39; Without putting on a spectacular game, Madrid is getting three golden points in one of the most difficult fields in Spanish football.

92 & # 39; Judge Sánchez Martínez had added four minutes.

91′ Toni Kroos, with a good right-footed shot off Rodrygo’s pass, sealed the victory for the Whites at San Mamés. 0-2.


88 & # 39; Ander Herrera is reprimanded for a foul against Camavinga.

86 & # 39; At Athletic, Raúl García is already on the pitch for Vesga.

85′ Well, Ceballos leaves and Kroos joins Madrid.

84 & # 39; Toni Kroos is getting ready. He could enter through Camavinga who is reprimanded.

82′ Vinicius leaves the field to give entry to Rodrygo.

80′ FORGIVE ATHLETIC! How the ball has been passed through the Madrid area and nobody from the local team was able to connect. Keep pressing San Mamés in search of a tie.

78 & # 39; Yellow for Vinicius. The fourth of the game and there are two sides.

77′ CANCELED! Iñaki Williams’ goal did not count due to an offside by Guruzeta, who was hindering Courtois.

76′ Lekue enters for De Marcos at Athletic.

74 & # 39; Rudiger covers the shot from Guruzeta inside the area. Athletic is pressing.

73′ Modric enters the field and Asensio leaves in Madrid.

71′ Luka Modric is already preparing to join Madrid. Ancelotti giving instructions to ’10’.

70′ FORGIVE ATHLETIC! Center from the left who wanders through the entire area until he reaches Nico Williams and the young striker can’t hit him squarely and his shot goes wide.

69′ Historical record in San Mamés: more than 49 thousand spectators in the stands watching the game.

67′ Changes in Athletic: Ander Herrera, Guruzeta and Muniain enter for Zarraga, Berenguer and Sancet.

66′ HE HAD IT ASENSIO! Huge collective play by Madrid with Valverde and Benzema, then the Frenchman puts a pass between the lines to Asensio and his shot misses the near post. It was a goal.

62 & # 39; The first admonished for Madrid and it is Camavinga, one of the candidates to leave.

60′ MADRID IS SAVED! Berenguer removes Militao inside the parea with a hook and when he was getting ready to shoot, Nacho providentially appears to put his leg in.

58′ Nacho’s point-blank shot and Unai Simón stops with pure reflexes!

57 & # 39; Vivian is reprimanded for a stomp on Mendy. The second cautioned of the match.

55′ Shot by Nico Williams that goes over Courtois’s goal.

54′ Iñaki falls in a dispute with Rudiger and all of San Mamés protests. The referee asks the forward to get up.

52′ Vivian’s cross to the far post that Nacho combs so that Iñaki Williams does not finish off.

50′ Yellow for Yuri for a slap on Asensio’s face. The first cautioned of the match.

48′ What a move by Militao! Tremendous exit from the center back with strength and quality and even a hat.

46′ There were no changes after the break. The same 22 players remain.


TO REST! Real Madrid is beating Athletic at the Cathedral thanks to a great goal from Benzema (1-0). The locals have dominated, but cannot clearly reach Courtois’ goal.

45′ Only one more minute will be played in this first half.

44 & # 39; Shot by Vesga that does not worry Courtois. No one reached the mark and the midfielder decided to try from outside the area.

43 & # 39; It seems that Athletic finished better, regaining possession again, but still below the score.

42 & # 39; Yuri is already recovering. Ancelotti asks him if he is alright and the full-back says yes. Madrid continues to win it by the minimum.

40 & # 39; The game was stopped to attend to Yuri, who had hurt one of his fingers. The Athletic player hurts a lot.

39 & # 39; Benzema reached 228 goals in the Spanish league and reached Raúl González.

37 & # 39; Athletic has tried to react after the goal, but it is difficult for them to arrive clearly.

35 & # 39; Vivian’s foul on Vinicius and the Athletic fans are desperate.

32′ De Marcos put in a dangerous cross for Iñaki, but Militao cuts off with his head.

30′ It’s been half an hour since the game. Benzema had warned twice and the third time was the charm.

29′ ATTACK UNAI SIMON! Vinicius’s shot on the edge of the area and the lions’ goalkeeper grips. The Brazilian laments.

28 & # 39; Valverde tried from afar and his shot went wide of the left vertical.

– Benzema’s goal against Athletic in San Mamés.

25′ Valverde puts in the center from the right, Asensio manages to lower it back and Benzema volleyed him with his left foot to open the scoring. Great goal and 0-1.


22′ Iñaki Williams shoots without much angle and the ball hit the side of the net before Courtois left. Good play by Ernesto Valverde’s team.

20 & # 39; Asensio requested a penalty for a foul by Yuri. The play is reviewed by the VAR and they warn that there is no infringement. In case of pointing it out, it would not have been a penalty because the action was outside the area.

18′ Nacho’s center that hunts Benzema and Paredes throws himself to deflect the ball to the corner.

16′ WOW! Play by Nico Williams with a spout included on Camavinga and then he finishes off the farthest post, but goes wide.

14 & # 39; Nacho hooks up with Berenguer. Both are not leaving any balls for lost.

10′ CLOSE TO ATHLETIC! They played the corner in short, then they launched the cross and Paredes connects it with a header, but Courtois stretches to cover. Goalkeeper’s save.

9′ Iñaki Williams came out in the race against and lost the fight against Militao. The Brazilian touches the ball and sends it to the corner.

8′ And now Madrid begins to move the ball. Ancelotti’s team is already loose.

6′ Good play by Vinicius, removing several marks to enable Mendy, the Frenchman sends the center back where Benzema appears with his left foot and his shot goes over the crossbar.

5′ Foul by Berenguer on Nacho. The madridista is playing as a right back.

4′ Pushing the Athletic fans from the beginning. Madrid still does not settle.

3′ Mendy will have a complicated task to stop the arrivals of Nico Williams on that left wing.

1′ First corner for Athletic and the danger passes in the white area. Control the rojiblanco team and the visit closes.


– Great atmosphere that exists in the cathedral for this match. The local squad will move the ball.

– Madrid needs to win to continue keeping their distance from Barcelona, ​​who just beat Getafe by a minimum. For now they have 38 and 44 points, respectively.

– Everything ready in San Mamés. Both teams go out onto the field of play for the respective greeting and for the ball to roll.

Carlo Ancelotti bets for this commitment for a revolutionized 11. Camavinga, Ceballos and Valverde will be in the midfield while Asensio will accompany Vini and Benzema in attack. Nacho is the novelty in the defensive line.

Modric and Kroos start off the bench and the DT doesn’t have many options up front. Only Rodrygo and Mariano remain as substitutes.


Athletic Club: Unai Simón; De Marcos, Vivian, Paredes, Yuri; Zarraga, Vesga, Sancet, Nico Williams, Berenguer; Inaki Williams.

Real Madrid: Courtois; Nacho, Militao, Rüdiger, Mendy; Camavinga, Valverde, Ceballos; Asensio, Vinicius and Benzema.

Schedule: 2:00 PM from Honduras.

Transmission: sky sports.

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