A walk through the Emma Stone movies

Her characters make the difference and her beauty even more so, that’s why we’ll take a look at the films of Oscar winner Emma Stone.


Emma Stone looks brilliant and magnificent, the chameleonic actress knew how to eternalize the Dalmatian villain in just a few days, to make her essential in the topic of conversation of the moment.

The direction is great in a photograph that plays with cold colors, but giving a warmth and approach with the viewer that brings it closer to intimacy. The ending suggests continuity to another movie, but the post-credit scene certainly reveals the magical house’s new plans for its next Live Action.

‘The Amazing Spider-Man’

‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ in 2012 and 2014 were very successful movies. Both works did well at the box office and were a hit with new and old Spider-Man fans.

Now the film that will complete the trilogy is being clamored for on social networks through the #MakeTASM3 tag, all after years later it was part of the SpiderVerse of ‘Spider-Man No Way Home’.

‘The Help’

A 1960s Mississippi society girl is determined to be a writer and transforms a small town by interviewing the black women who work for the prominent families.

‘The Help’ is sustained by the performances of its cast, especially that of Emma Stone, Olivia Spencer and Viola Davis, whose performances are powerful enough to carry the film on its own.


An old-fashioned actor, who has triumphed in the past playing a superhero, tries to recover his lost glory by staging a play on Broadway. With the exception of a few shots at the beginning and end of the film, Birdman seems to be filmed in a single sequence shot, an idea that the director had from the conception of the work.

This required an unusual production approach, so many of the post-production elements were considered before shooting. As a result, the script took two years to write and the cast underwent several weeks of meticulous rehearsals.

‘The Favourite’

At the beginning of the s. XVIII, England is at war with France and the sickly Queen Anne delegates her responsibilities to her friend Lady Sarah. The arrival of a specially talented servant, Abigail, puts Sarah’s position in jeopardy.

Stone was initially hesitant to accept the role, at first thinking that Abigail was a sweet girl, the victim, a servant of these people. But he changed his mind after reading the script and ended up begging Lanthimos for the role.

‘La La Land’

Sebastian, a jazz pianist, and Mia, an aspiring actress, fall madly in love; but the excessive ambition they have to succeed in their respective careers, in a city like Los Angeles, full of competition and lacking in mercy, endangers their love.

It is a fantasy for dreamers in which absolutely everything is measured to ensure that the viewer sees himself reflected in its two protagonists, thus trying to make their happiness become that of the viewer as well.

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