A walk through Wattouat Shiny creates unwavering lines in Pokémon Go

Gaston Cuny

A Pokémon Go player began a “heartwarming” story when he was reunited after a surprise encounter with a shiny Wattouat.

Although Pokémon Go offers several rare and difficult to catch Pokémon, some of the most popular are shiny.

Privileged gamers often catch shiny versions of their favorite Pokémon, even if they get the chance, it’s rare to see their skin and shine.

Maintenant, a Pokémon Go fan to share a heartwarming story with the community about the fact that the helper is not ready to complete this long question from a shiny Wattouat.

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A Pokémon Go dresser helps your child capture a shiny convoité from Wattouat

A post on Reddit by a user named Kawaii_Terminator touched the hearts of the community through a story that began with a chance encounter with a brilliant Wattouat.

According to the author of the post, his son searches for a shiny Wattouat in Pokémon Go after certain times.

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Alors qu’ils étaient in car with his father, ils sont tombés sur un Wattouat sauvage. “…Nous avons click sur le même Wattouat. My face is glowing and when I saw the first pink pixel, I showed it to him and said, ‘It’s for you.'”

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Les two dresseurs étaient ravis après este trouvaille chanceuse. The two then traded Pokémon. “I traded with him and insisted on trading my son Prime Carchacrok. There is no possibility of trading, but the two Pokémon are 3 stars, where you get a 3-star Carchacrok and a 3-star shiny Wattouat.”

Of many dresseurs dans la communauté ont adoré understanding este historia et ont remercié l’auteur du post pour l’avoir partagée. “C’est réconfortant, merci de partager”as one fan stated, as someone else said: “Ça heureux stupidity tears me apart.”

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Other players will share their own heartwarming stories about Pokémon Go in the comments. “C’est tellement doux. But I have changed my son Pitrouille shiny because I am not in the catches ever eu malgré toutes mes. There is a treasure, above all that comes from it.”

It’s always nice to hear stories about the Pokémon Go game, meet your family and friends, so these players have no chance to share their favorites with others.

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