A woman denounced Conor McGregor for gender violence: “He would have killed me if I hadn’t jumped off the yacht”

Conor McGregor was denounced for an alleged assault on a woman in July 2022 (Reuters)
Conor McGregor was denounced for an alleged assault on a woman in July 2022 (Reuters)

This week the Spanish Justice reopened a case against the fighter Conor McGregorwho was denounced for gender violence in July 2022 by a woman who claims to have been the victim of a brutal attack on the athlete’s yacht during the celebrations of his 34th birthday. The complainant, whose identity has not been disclosed to protect her , recounted details of what happened that day in Ibiza.

The party started at the Ocean Beach Club from the Spanish island and the woman attended at the invitation of the former star of UFC whom I had known for years because they were residents of the neighborhood of Dublinwhere they were raised. After having a good time in the VIP area of ​​the place, mcgregor He took several of those present to his yacht to enjoy the sea during the night and that is where the alleged act of violence took place.

As published by the site Ibiza newspaperthe woman gave a statement to the dublin police and she recounted that during the morning of the following day, and in the presence of several witnesses, she was rebuked from one moment to the next by McGregor: “His entire behavior changed at that moment and he became very aggressive.”

According to her story, she asked a friend of the athlete to calm him down, but it was worse because at that moment he pounced on her, kicked her in the abdomen and punched her in the face. Then he threatened to drown her: “It was as if he was possessed. He knew that he had to get out of the boat because he thought that he was going to kill me”. So, the young woman chose to jump out of the boat: “We have friends in common and I have met him on numerous occasions. I can’t believe what he has done to me. he is a criminalhe. I think he would have killed me if he hadn’t jumped off the yacht.

In his complaint, he said that she was rescued by a Red Cross boat: “They left me stranded. They wouldn’t even abandon a dog like they did me.” And he explained that because he was in a state of shock, he did not testify that same day before the Civil Guard. For this reason, in Ibiza they filed the complaint and there was no progress in the case. But this week The Spanish Justice was notified that the young woman did testify on her return to Dublin and with these statements it was decided to reopen the investigation.

The Spanish newspaper assures that the complainant provided the contacts of two men who were on the yacht and who witnessed the entire episode, although for fear of being attacked by mcgregorthey did not intervene. They will be the next to be called by the head of the Ibiza Investigating Court who will decide whether to order the international arrest of McGregor.

It should be remembered that this is not the first episode of violence by the former champion of UFC. Among his many brushes with Justice, in 2020 he was denounced for sexual exhibition in the port city of Calvi, France, for showing a young woman’s private parts without her consent while she was making her way to the bar’s toilets. . Another case was in 2019, when he pleaded guilty to attacking an elderly man in a Dublin bar who refused to drink during a round of drinks he had invited.

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