A woman killed her terminally ill husband and barricaded herself in a hospital room in Florida

Police blocked access to Advent Health Hospital
Police blocked access to Advent Health Hospital

A woman shot her husband to death this Saturday in the daytona beach hospital where he was hospitalized in a terminal state and later barricaded himself in the room, reported the Police of that city on the east coast of Florida (USA).

According to police, officers responded to an emergency after a report of a person being shot inside the Advent Health Hospital located at 301 Medical Memorial Parkway in the city of Daytona Beach.

The police statement indicates that they are trying to convince the armed woman that she should leave the room and turn herself in.

Officers evacuated staff and patients from the room and the woman is not considered a threat to staff or patients at this time.

No one else was hurt in the accident, but the police daytona beach he is currently negotiating with the woman to surrender and leave the hospital.

Joshua Horenstein, a cardiologist at Advent Health Hospital, was working in the emergency department when he learned of the shooting. “Someone came into the ED yelling that this was not a drill and to shelter in place,” Horenstein told the police. CNN.


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