A woman posed as a psychiatrist for 20 years and collected more than 1 million dollars

Zholia Alemi worked for almost 20 years as psychiatrist in the UK after she claimed to have graduated as a psychiatrist from the University of Auckland in New Zealand in the 1990s.

But it all turned out to be a fraud.

Zhoila is not a doctor nor did she specialize in psychiatry, but falsified her degree certificate to be able to practice, British media reported.

Now, this woman faces charges for 20 crimes, including forgery and fraud.

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Prosecutor Christopher Stables told a court that the amount of money this woman earned from practicing as a non-medical doctor was between one and 1.3 million pounds (more than $1 million).

Stables said police searched a house owned by Alemi in Omagh, Northern Ireland, where they discovered a briefcase containing “forgery kit”, with letters of transfer and documents that could be versions of a fake certificate.

Alemi denied the accusations but will face a trial that could last four to five weeks.

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