a year in substantial balance

A MATCH FOR THREE – Also in 2021 L’Audi it failed to overtake its competitors BMW and Mercedes, confirming itself in third place in the special ranking of the three German brands that dominate the high-end car market. Indeed Audi has delivered 1,680,512 cars, against the 2,050,000 of the Mercedes and the 2,213,795 of the BMW (here And here to know more). The performance of the house of the four rings is substantially similar to that of 2020 with a variation of -0.7%.

E-TRON RANGE – In 2021 Audi sold 81,894 electric cars, up by 57.5% compared to the previous year, also thanks to the new models such as the e-tron GT and the Q4 e-tron, which have been added to the e-tron. By 2025, the house expects to have more than 20 fully electric models in the range, and starting in 2026, all new cars that will be launched will be electric only. Goals that will be achieved thanks to 18 billion euros earmarked for electrification out of a total investment amounting to 37 billion.

GROWING MODELS – Among the models with internal combustion engine that recorded a significant increase in sales we find theAudi Q3 (+ 19.2%), the A5 (+ 8.3%) and the A7 (+ 9.2%). The segment of suv, overall, it went well, with growth also for Q5 (+ 5.3%) and Q7 (+ 5.3%). Sales of the performance models of the Audi Sport division surpassed the previous year and set a new record with 39,356 vehicles (+ 34.2%).

BRUSH DROP AT HOME – In Europe the German house approached the previous year with 617,048 vehicles delivered (-0.4%). Among the growing models: Audi A3 (+ 3.6%), Q3 (+ 5.6%), Q5 (+ 18.6%) and Q8 (+ 1.8%). The company grew in France (+ 10.2%), Italy (+ 9.9%) and the United Kingdom (+ 9.4%). In Germany, on the other hand, with 180,883 vehicles registered, it recorded a sharp decline of 15.6%.

CHINA AND USA – As for the other markets, Audi closed 2021 in China with 701,289 vehicles delivered and a decrease of 3.6%. On the other hand, sales increased in the United States, where Audi topped the previous year, with 196,038 vehicles translating into a 5% increase. Deliveries of fully electric cars performed particularly well in the stars and stripes country, with a 52.5% increase over the previous year.

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