AAA pauses all its rationing plans after the passage of a tropical wave

The Water and sewage Authority (AAA) announced this Sunday that it has put on hold the plans for the interruption of the potable water service that were in force prior to the passage of a tropical wave through Puerto Rico this weekend.

“The amount of rain recorded in the past few hours has been beneficial, particularly in the Carraízo basin and the plants that are supplied from rivers in the Eastern and Metro Regions, to counteract, in part, the period of drought that we have been experiencing. ”, detailed the executive president of the AAA, Doriel Pagan.

Graph on the level of the reservoirs, updated on July 3, 2022.
Graph on the level of the reservoirs, updated on July 3, 2022. (Capture)

“Thanks to this precipitation event, we can pause the interruption plans that have been implemented for a few weeks in some systems in the eastern and metro areas of Puerto Rico,” he added.

Although the rain was beneficial, the engineer stressed that “we will remain vigilant to the behavior of the weather conditions and we will continue maximizing our operations to continue making good use of the water resource.”

The AAA maintained interruption plans for sectors of Canóvanas, Loíza, Río Grande, Juncos, Las Piedras and Aibonito.

In the Eastern Region, outage plans at the filter plant (PF) were suspended Urban Rushes and the El Yunque PF in Rio Grande. Similarly, the PF Aibonito exits its interrupt plan, but moves to the observation rung. In turn, in the Metro Region, the interruption plans are suspended in PF Canovanas Y PF Guzman Arriba in Rio Grande.

“In the case of the main reservoirs, we report that Carraízo achieved an increase of 1.64 meters, which brings it to the security level. In the case of La Plata, it had a slight increase of 0.03 centimeters, but it still remains at the observation level. In the case of Guajataca and Toa Vaca, they did not receive enough rain, so they continue under the line of operational adjustments”, Pagán highlighted.

On the other hand, he pointed out that some drinking water distribution systems around the island are out of operation due to turbidity events in the different sources of raw water. In addition, the factor of obstruction in the raw water intakes due to the reported rises keeps several of our facilities out of operation.

The public corporation keeps about 15 filter plants under observation.

Although the National Weather Service (SNM) in San Juan had anticipated that the tropical wave would not be enough to end the drought, the precipitation was extensive, mainly in the eastern region of Puerto Rico, including Vieques and Culebra.

According to preliminary estimates shared by the SNM, Between 2 am Saturday and 6 am Sunday, up to 8 inches of rain accumulated in areas of the east. The entire eastern area accumulated more than 2 inches of rain. Meanwhile, parts of Vieques accumulated between 4 to 5 inches.

On Thursday, the United States Drought Monitor (USDM, in English) reported that the extent of the severe drought suffered by the island increased from 8.33% to 17.70% in one week. The outlook worsened in the east, interior and part of the south.

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