Abigail Mancia, who is the Salvadoran Kim Kardashian?

AndNo TIC TocA woman shot to viral fame after becoming known as ‘The Tamlerita’, Since it sells corn tamales and delicious asquitas; In addition, according to the opinions of all users Internet, he’s very good-looking.

Who is Abigail Mancia?

girl answers name abigail mancia and claims to make seven tamales per minute, however, this has not placed her at the center of popular opinion. Abigail Mancia “La Tamalerita”, The tamale seller is a migrant who faces life with hard work.

young is a salvadoran that sells tamales of Elote (soft corn on the cob, eaten as food, cooked or roasted Mexico and other countries America) and makes something delicious skiingA Mexican preparation of corn kernels, usually boiled with salt and epazote, though with many other regional variations.

salvadoran kim kardashian

Although abigail mancia“The Tamlerita” no luck Kim KardashianThis salvador She wants to get into modeling and want to have her own company, as expressed in an interview to some media.

they know him as “The Tamlerita”, But not everything lives in this culinary art. girl called abigail mancia, claims it makes seven tamales a minute. As if this was not enough, her beauty inspired her to take part in TIC Toc Many videos that have put it in good place.

From Tiktok to Onlyfans

In TIC TocShe was looking to share tips and advice about makeup, but the virality reached her so far that fans suggested she open her own new location. fan onlyBut although she has not said no, it is not something she likes, because she knows that as a model, she must share content that touches the limits of what is permitted.

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