Abinader and congressmen address the Domain Extinction Law

The members of the bicameral commission studying the Domain Forfeiture Law project held two meetings yesterday with a view to the approval of this legislative proposal in the National Congress.

The first of these meetings was with the President of the Republic, Luis Abinader, in a meeting that lasted more than hours in the Green Room of the National Palace, where those present had to leave their cell phones with members of the security.

Because that meeting was held behind closed doors and without access to the media, what was discussed by the President in that meeting with the legislators is unknown. Reporters from LISTÍN DIARIO tried to obtain reactions from several officials and members of the bicameral commission without success.

Abinader had promised her

However, that meeting takes place days after the head of state told the charge d’affaires of the United States Embassy, ​​Robert Thomas, that in the “next few weeks” the Law of Extinction should be approved in the National Congress Of domain.

“We are committed to the process of transparency and to being an example of democracy, collaborating with the other political parties, in the coming weeks these fundamental laws must be approved to continue advancing, such as the Domain extension law and the project also for modification to the public purchasing and contracting law”, was what the president said at the reception for the independence of the United States.

National Congress

The second of these meetings was held between the legislators who are members of the commission in the National Congress and there, after more than four hours, it was reported that the entity would render a favorable report for the approval of that proposal in the Legislative Power.

The information was offered by the Administrative Minister of the Presidency, José Ignacio Paliza, on his Twitter account.

“The bicameral commission that is studying the Forfeiture of Domain bill has just concluded its work, rendering a favorable report. With this step, we are moving towards the final approval of such an important instrument,” the official said on that social network.

Not everyone left the meeting with a good impression, since the senator of the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD), Yván Lorenzo, stated that the members of the former ruling party who belong to the commission, withdrew in disagreement due to the exclusion of tax avoidance of the piece of legislation.

The senator for Elías Piña said that it is disrespectful, because that point had already been agreed upon and approved in the commission.

“In the current meeting of the Bicameral Commission for Domain Extinction, the entire PLD bench voted in favor of retroactivity, while the PRM bench requested a 1/4 break to analyze the point of tax avoidance and was absent for more than 1 hour,” said the spokesman for the PLD bench on his Twitter account.

The PLD as a party expressed its decision to support the approval of said law, suggesting the inclusion of the concept of “tax avoidance” in the bill.

That disagreement could generate a change of opinion in the opposition party.

For several months, the National Congress has been studying the project of the Domain Extinction Law in a bicameral commission.

Despite the fact that in May the senators assured that they were close to finalizing a report, even today they have not produced a consolidated and agreed piece, due to differences between legislators from different parties.

The bicameral commission is made up of senators Pedro Catrain, Antonio Taveras, Yván Lorenzo, Cristobal Venerado, Dionis Sánchez, Faride Raful, Franklin Rodríguez and Iván Silva.

Similarly, there are deputies Elías Báez, Ana Rodríguez, Francisco Villegas, Héctor Darío Féliz, José Miguel Ferreira, Luis Manuel Henríquez, Melvin Lara, Miguel Bogaert, Milciades Franjul, Nelsa Shoraya Suárez, Pedro Tineo, Plutarco Pérez, Rafael Castillo, Tobias Crespo, Rogelio Genao, Victor Fadul.

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