Abinader announces training of 35 thousand police officers who are in service

Santo Domingo, DR

During the presentation of the “Strategy for Police Education Reform”, President Luis Abinader expressed this Monday that the police officers in service will be trained for three months to strengthen the deficiency of the members.

“I want to tell you that already in this month of August a three-month educational package will be implemented for compensate for the current training deficiencies of the police in service”, said the president when delivering his speech.

He explained that this measure aims to strengthen the work of police officers attached to “human rights, ethics and away from corruption, as well as the essential skills for conflict management, interpersonal relationships and the use adequate strength.”

temporary training will impact some 35,000 police officers in their different hierarchies through a total of 1,400 courses that will be taught by 160 professors with specific profiles that will be selected from different universities.

The head of state announced that training will be expanded immediately basic police from six months to one year.

He indicated that as of the year 2023-2024, work is being done to implement a “Technical baccalaureate in citizen security and protection, with the aim of facilitating the early pre-selection of candidates with the ideal profile to enter the police education system”.

For this new modality, polytechnics will be selected in all regions of the country with the necessary teaching staff.

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