Abinader delivers 535 property titles in Monte Plata

Yesterday, the President of the Republic, Luis Abinader, delivered 535 property titles to more than 500 families in the municipality of Majagual in Monte Plata, while in San Luis he commissioned an electrical substation and started the construction of the Washington Capital Photovoltaic Parks Solar Park 2 and 3.

During the delivery of the titles, the president stated that with this the government gives confidence to citizens, hope to families and complies with the constitutional mandate that guarantees people to enjoy decent housing with all rights.

“I am of the firm conviction, and I have always said so, that there is no more effective way to promote change than by giving people security to have their own roof and recognize their right to land,” Abinader said at the ceremony. of delivery.

The President highlighted the work of the Executing Technical Unit for State Land Titling and the Dominican Agrarian Institute, which he said have joined criteria and efforts to continue this magnificent work of recognizing the property rights of our compatriots at the national level.

The government’s investment in issuing them was RD$42,800, which represents an individual cost of RD$80,000.

The executive director of the Executing Technical Unit for State Land Titling, Mérido Torres, stressed that this is the third installment to be carried out in Monte Plata, the first was on November 23, the second on March 20 of this year. and with this they add up to 1,419 certificates of titles delivered in this municipality.

The director of the Dominican Agrarian Institute, Francisco Guillermo García, expressed that the settlement’s properties are dedicated to mixed livestock, but also to the production of corn, pumpkin, sweet potato, pigeon peas, yams, bananas, yucca, cocoa, yautia, passion fruit, coffee. , sour orange, banana, among others.

On behalf of the graduates, Pablo Antonio Delgado expressed the emotion he feels being part of the protagonists of receiving his property title.

in Saint Louis
Yesterday, the president left the Cabreto-San Luis Substation in operation at 345/138 kv, an electrical work that will improve the quality of the energy supply offered to citizens and will expand the transport capacity of the transmission network.

This work was carried out with an investment amounting to RD$1,455.6 million.

The President affirmed that with the start-up of the Cabreto substation, it will allow greater reliability in the National Interconnected Electric System (SENI), greater energy transport capacity in the South, North and East of the country and will allow the entry of new projects of generation.

With the commissioning of the substation, several transmission lines that connect the new Cabreto substation at 345/138 kilovolts (kV) were also left in operation.

This substation had an investment of RD$1,455.6 million, financed by the KFW Development Bank (Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau, for its acronym in German), design, supply and assembly by the German company Siemens, as well as supervision by the consulting company ETEE and the ETED.

photovoltaic parks
In the company of the executives of Washington Capital Global Finance, Inc. and Bas Corporation, President Abinader began work on the construction of the Washington Capital Solar Park 2 and 3 Photovoltaic Parks.

These are two projects with a maximum power of 50 nominal MW each and each park will have more than 149,000 photovoltaic panels, 20 inverter-transformer stations, a 138 kV 60 MVA elevation substation, and about 25 km of line in 138 kV.

The Minister of Energy and Mines, Antonio Almonte, highlighted the push that President Abinader has given to renewable energy projects.

“It is not a fashionable issue, it is a matter of prior planning carried out before coming to power,” said Almonte.

Extensive agenda in Santo Domingo and DN.
President Abinader will exhaust an extensive work agenda this Saturday in Santo Domingo and the National District, which includes visits to construction sites, inaugurations and delivery of apartments of the National Family Housing Plan

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