Abinader makes a change in Migration: Enrique García leaves and Venancio Alcántara arrives

Santo Domingo, DR.

President Louis Abinader appointed Enrique García Sánchez as Consul General of the Dominican Republic in Boston, Massachusetts, after almost two years of serving as Director of Immigration.

According to decree 414-22, in its article 10, the new director of Immigration will be Venancio Alcántara Valdez, who was in charge of the Archives department of the Chamber of Deputies since 2004.

Alcantara Valdez, according to a pension that was requested in the National Congress, He has held various positions in public administration for more than 30 years as a deputy to the National Congress for the National District, in the period 1998-2002; alderman for the National District, in the period 1990-1994; employee of the city hall of the National District, 1972-1976.

Enrique García was the center of the news for his constant stances on the irregular migration of Haitians and was at the center of the national limelight when tried to implement the “border inhabitant card”, that finally the Government decided to back down.

Through this decree, President Luis Abinader also fired the education minister, Roberto Fulcarwhom he appointed as minister without portfolio.

It also appointed Hugo Marino Beras-Goico Ramírez as executive director of the National Institute of Traffic and Land Transportation (INTRANT) and Rafael Ernesto Arias Ramírez, who held the position as adviser to the Executive Branch on transportation matters.

Eriek Alberto Michael Guzmán Núñez was appointed as general director of the Dominican Postal Institute (INPOSDOM); César Julio Cedeño Avila was appointed as Consul General of the Dominican Republic in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Through article 8, Rafael Abrahán Burgos Gómez was designated as general director of National Assets and will serve as honorary director of the State Sugar Council until its liquidation.

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