Abinader says he does not have a “magic wand” to solve the “problem” of the National Police

President Luis Abinader exclaimed “that he does not have a magic wand” to change the problems and weaknesses of the National Police and indicated that “for the first time” a government is making attempts to reform that body so that it offers a better service to citizens.

“I can’t change that. actions of those policemen who only lasted three months of training “said the president when interviewed by the communicator Sergio Carlo on his YouTube platform “El Antinoti”.

The president’s words come amid the outrage of society after the death of three young people after being detained without a warrant and tortured by the Police. Those killed while in police custody are David of the Saints, in the National District; Jose Gregorio Custodio, in Ocoa and Richard Báez, in Santiago.

Abinader also admitted that he has noticed the collective “perception and indignation” that the population has for recent events; however, he said that there are many good people in the Police, so they are working to change that situation and restore confidence to the citizenry.

The president attributed to social networks the fact that at present the cases come to light more, which he understands previously existed but that the population was not aware of.

“The difference is that now all cases are investigated, those cases are now investigated by a true independent Public Ministry,” added the head of state before expressing that “there is a palpable difference” between the justice of this administration and that used during the past government.

In the interview, the President reported that according to the statistics he manages; there’s a 40% less deaths due to police actions compared to 2017, although an increase in the rate of thefts in the country is reflected.

Several days ago the government announced that it will advance the implementation of some 14 police reform measures, although it did not specify when they would begin to operate.

The advanced measures are the immediate execution of installation of cameras in all patrols and the creation of a real-time police operations center, with the support of fixed 911 cameras; the installation of mobile cameras incorporated into the patrols; the implementation of the Police System of Criminological Consultation in the telephones of the patrols for the non-intrusive and respectful purification of citizens who are required by the authority in any circumstance; the creation of a national traffic control center and review and improvement of the traffic inspectorate; the installation of cameras in all the detachments, announced on Wednesday afternoon by the National Police; the installation of a center for control and monitoring of the detachments in the Ministry of the Interior and Police and placing the Department of Internal Affairs of the National Police under the direct supervision of the Ministry of the Interior and Police, in order to guarantee prompt investigation and rigorous of the cases that occur.

In addition to the improvement of the systems and processes of the General Inspectorate, providing it with greater capacities for control and investigation of cases; speed up the conduct of integrity tests on all agents, beginning with senior PN officials; the implementation of mandatory guidelines for action, based on decentralized responsibility; the implementation of urgent complementary training measures for all agents in three areas, such as “crisis management, human rights and police action and the use of force and the exercise of authority.

There is also the ratification, prior parliamentary agreement, and implementation of the Optional Protocol to the Convention against Torture and other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment of the United Nations, which will give citizens access to international justice; and will force the State to comply with international standards on the matter.

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