Abinader suspends trip to New York for Fiona

The trip to New York, United States, that the President of the Republic, Louis Abinaderhad postponed for this Tuesday has been completely suspended by the president to serve the provinces affected by the hurricane fiona.

The Head of State gave a brief speech, shared by the Presidency of the Republic, in which he confirmed that his intervention in the 77th Assembly of the United Nations It was not permanently suspended.

At the UN, among the issues that the president was going to present was the case of the crisis in Haiti, which he also addressed last week before the Permanent Council of the Organization of American States (OAS).

The official explained that, due to the damage, will make a tour of the eastern region this Tuesday, specifically through La Altagracia, Hato Mayor and El Seibo, the provinces hit by Hurricane Fiona.

In the afternoon, the head of state said that, although it is raining in the area and it has not been possible to assess the damage, it is considerable.

“Even though it is still raining in the eastern zone and it has not been possible to assess the damage, it is considerable, it is considerable, especially in the provinces of La Altagracia, El Seibo, but also special damage, in the province of Hato Mayor and La Romana”, explained the president.

In addition, Abinader arranged for government officials to go to different demarcations to attend to the needs of those affected by Fiona.

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