Abusive gym at home, tools confiscated: 54-year-old in trouble

TOLENTINO – Worker, advertised her personal fitness coach activity on social media. The financial police of the Camerino lieutenancy, suspicious of the location where she shot the videos, went to her apartment. Found in the basement machinery, weights and mats and in a closet a book in which she would record the payments received from customers, which would be about thirty

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financial-police-Abusive gym in the basement of her home, a 54-year-old from Tolentino in trouble. The tools to tone up the muscles were seized by the Camerino financial police. About thirty customers would have turned to the woman, who on social networks presents herself as a personal fitness coach but she works as a worker in a company based in Fermo, to stay in shape. Inside a wardrobe, the financiers found a notebook in which the 54-year-old allegedly noted the payments received from customers, quantified around a figure between 200 and 250 euros each for eight to ten sessions.. Suspicious by the promotional videos disseminated on the woman’s social networks, in which she invited anyone who wanted to get fit to contact her and, above all, by the location similar to a home environment in which the soldiers were filmed, together with the agents of the Tolentino municipal who are dealing with to check for any building abuses, they conducted an investigation inside the apartment where the 54-year-old lives, in a countryside area in Tolentino. Irregularities were found in the basement and they proceeded with the precautionary seizure of the tools found and the book in which the payments received were collected, found inside a wardrobe. Everything has been reported to the Public Prosecutor, an administrative sanction will be contested for violation of the regional law governing the gymnasium activity. The financiers of the Camerino lieutenancy, led by Captain Francesco Di Prinzio, having collected the documentation, proceed with the investigations listening to the testimonies of the customers.

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