Acai, the superfood with antioxidant powers you should know about

Small in size (its size is about 10 to 14 millimeters) and dark purple in color, it is a true source of vitamins, minerals and proteins.
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Kimchi, Wagyu, Kale, Kombucha, Matcha or Bimi. You probably already include many of these foods in your daily diet, And it seems that nothing new can surprise us anymore. Or maybe yes. Have you heard of acai? Well, pay attention, because this superfood is here to stay.

Acai is also known by other names such as huasai, azai, murapo palm or nadi, and the plant that produces this fruit is called euterpe oleracea,

Actually this fruit is of Brazilian origin A small berry rich in nutrients and antioxidants that became popular as an anti-aging food in the AmazonAnd which has been included in your daily diet for a long time due to its visible results.

Infinite Benefits of Acai

This fruit is very similar to blueberries Rich in antioxidants, especially phenols and anthocyanins, which are actually the “culprits” of its dark complexion, In fact, it contains 15 to 30 times more flavonoids than, for example, red wine, that is, it has 30 times more antioxidants than our national product.

Take care of your heart and sexual health

Furthermore, it is Omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids and large amounts of plant sterols that help reduce LDL levels (bad cholesterol), in addition to helping improve circulation and reduce blood pressure.

Precisely because it helps to improve the general fluidity of blood in the body, this fruit Apart from being an aphrodisiac, it is also used to deal with erectile dysfunction. In fact, it is known as “Natural Viagra”.

Great source of fiber and powerful diuretic

Another big advantage of it is that it contains a large amount of fiber, which helps the digestive system to do its job, and can also Reduce the risk of intestinal and colon diseases,

It is a very popular food among athletes, who consume it to regain lost energy after training.

ToOtherwise it is a powerful diuretic Very suited for those who suffer from fluid retention.

Provides benefits for your safety and your line

And if that wasn’t enough, Acai is rich in ellagic acid, a polyphenol that works against bacteria and virusesMoreover, it is a food that is absorbed very slowly in our body and provides us with energy for a long time, without causing changes in blood sugar.

acai bowl
It is usually consumed in pasty form, as only 10% of the berry can be used, which corresponds to the pulp. The remaining 90% is seeds.

How can we consume this superfood

Despite having a diet rich in nutrients, It spoils very quickly, that is why it is usually processedand can be purchased in freeze-dried powder or pulp.

Precisely because it is in powder form, it can be easily added to desserts, juices, yogurts or smoothies. One of today’s star dishes is the Acai Bowl, an Instagrammable dish like few others and praised by the “healthy” community for its goodness and explosion of color.

However, it is recommended to consume 10 to 30 grams per day in case of powder or up to 300 ml in case of juice. Its consumption is not recommended for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding and those taking anticoagulants or medicines for high blood pressure.

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