According to Prince Andrew’s lawyers, his accuser suffers from the syndrome of “false memories” –

Virginia Giuffre accuses Prince Andrew of having had sex with her on three occasions when she was still a minor and victim of the pedophile network of Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell: the lawyers of Elizabeth II’s son want to call her husband and his psychologist to testify

The legal battle between Virginia Giuffre and the Prince Andrew prepares to go live. The lawyers of the son of Elizabeth II – who is accused by Giuffre of having had sex with her when he was still 17, within the network of pedophiles set up by Jeffrey Epstein and from Ghislaine Maxwell -, in their first list of request for witnesses, they indicated a willingness to listen to the woman’s husband and her psychologist, Judith Lightfoot, in an attempt to prove that the accusations are nothing more than an episode of false memories.

Giuffre’s lawyers, at the same time, want to call to testify the prince’s former assistant (Robert Onlney, who in Epstein’s black book was referred to under the title Duke of York) and a woman who claims to have seen him in Giuffre’s company. in a London nightclub during the period in which the disputed facts allegedly took place.

Giuffre – who sued the 61-year-old prince in August – accuses him of abusing her on three occasions in 2001, when he was 17: in Epstein’s New York home, in the US Virgin Islands and in London. .

Prince Andrew – whose military honors and the title of her royal highness were removed by the queen – has always denied harassment: I don’t remember meeting her, he told the BBC in 2019.

The meeting between the two took place without a shadow of a doubt, as evidenced by a photo of Andrea who encircles Giuffre’s side, under the pleased gaze of Maxwell.

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