According to the film’s creators – Rock & Pop, “Rare Barbie” was inspired by David Bowie and hairless cats.

barbie rare david bowie cat pelao

barbie rare david bowie cat pelao

Barbie was one of the many characters that attracted the most attention in the film rare barbieexplained by Kate McKinnon.

Now new bonus material from the film has revealed who the inspiration for this character was, and surprisingly, these inspirations include David Bowie and Hairless Cats.

Rare Barbie inspirations in film

The unique character played by Dee MacKinnon was one of several versions of the doll seen in the satirical comedy greta gerwigwhich recently became Highest grossing film of 2023,

The film recently hit streaming services to buy and lease, and with it comes Additional behind the scenes material,

in these bonus track, The film’s lead and producer, Margot Robbie, revealed some details about the character rare barbie and pointed towards was partly inspired by David Bowie,

“Greta described the strange Barbie in the script as A mix between David Bowie and a hairless cat“It’s so strangely accurate,” he said.

Gerwig added: “Weird Barbie is actually the Barbie you will play with very often, “You’ll brush her hair and then decide you want to cut it, then see what happens if you set it on fire and draw pictures all over her face.”

“You spread her legs and try to change her clothes. I had a thought like: ‘Well, we should have a Barbie that represents the fate of many Barbies, Greta said, “I wanted it to be funny and intelligent.”

The director praised McKinnon, whom she has known since adolescence, saying: “I always thought he was the most brilliant person I’d ever met., It was really special when we were on the sets together. According to, it was a pretty perfect moment.

Interestingly, David Bowie also inspired the protagonist of Oppenheimer’s second big film of the year. Click here to see how.

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