According to this London manicurist, these are the 3 colors of spring

The catwalks have warned us of the fashion trends that there will be this spring, but also one of those that will dominate in enamelling. As with the garments, we are also going to witness a taste for the minimalismsimple manicures where naturalness and sophistication reign and at the same time bright colors and vibrant.

The london manicurists as Alyx LippiattThey already know which shades are going to be a hit and they are experts when it comes to choosing the color that best matches our personality and fits current trends.

The 3 colors that will be trending this spring

The “green I love you green” manicure

The color we keep seeing in all kinds of garments, from your darkest shade to neon, is green. If spring is characterized by something, it is by the vibrant colors and happy that we see in the characteristic natural scenes of this time. Green is a color associated with natureoptimism and good vibes. All the attributes you need at this time of year and that make it one of the most demanded tones. This is demonstrated on her Instagram profile by the manicurist Alyx Lippiatt.

The number of shades that the green color encompasses allows the manicurist to choose the correct tone that best matches your way of being and your lifestyle. The way you wear your nails too talk a lot about you and with this color you will transmit freshness and peace, not only to yourself but also to those around you. And, of course, you will give a final touch to all your looks with which you will be impeccable. celebrities as Selena Gomez They have already succumbed to this color, and this is how their manicurist taught it on Instagram.

The natural effect manicure

This new season, manicurists and fans of wearing flawless nails they bet on nude tones or transparent enamels. From the manicures more short up shaped nails almond or prettier squares, but always under colors that contribute naturalness and get out of the extravagant. Without a doubt, one of the most elegant and timeless trends that are sweeping.

This nude trend He has been with us for several seasons and there are many celebrities who have become addicted to wearing their nails as naturally as possible. Although from time to time they opt for more daring prints, they always return to nude. One of them is the actress Hailee Steinfeldalways faithful to her long manicure and in tone nude with shine. Some scandalous nails that he shows off thanks to the manicurist he shares with Selena, Tom Bachik.

The manicure with minimalist prints

The minimalism of the 90’s and 2000’s It has not only returned in the field of fashion, that of beauty has also succumbed to the currents of the time. Manicures where reign minimalist prints and sophisticated, from the most inspiring French to the coolest and funniest drawings with which to celebrate the beginning of spring.

The London expert in manicures Alyx Lippat already shows on her Instagram the new way of wearing the French. A traditional manicure but adapted to minimalist trends with fine lines. Details that make the characteristic manicure of elegant women even more glamorous.

The drawings They will also be part of the most desired nails of this season. But not any type of designs, only those that represent elements such as flowers, hearts or geometric figures. Fine decorations and minimal version that transmit sweetness, joy and sophistication.

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