According to will.i.am, Beyoncé owes him a lot for her remix of “Break My Soul”

If there’s one thing that will.i.am is particularly proud of, it’s probably his remix of Beyoncé’s song, Break My Soul. Because not happy to have had the opportunity to reinterpret the hit of the queen of RnB present on her new album, Renaissancethe leader of the Black Eyed Peas can also claim to have given him the idea of ​​releasing an EP with different remixes of the title.

“I was in France when his song came out and I thought, ‘I wish the beat would do that.’ So I called my partner and we did (the remix) remotely on FYI, a collaboration tool,” the artist told Metro UK. “They weren’t even thinking about doing remixes until I sent them. They released a remix EP and my version was first on it – and I inspired it! I don’t have the words for it – it’s like Santa Claus exists! »

A sacred track record

However, will.i.am does not lack other feats of which he is particularly proud, such as having been able to work with Michael Jackson and Prince, or even having had the opportunity to meet Steve Jobs. . And he obviously does not hide his pleasure to see the now timeless I Gotta Feelingthe Black Eyed Peas collaboration with David Guetta, exceed 900 million streams!

“When I went to parties where they played songs like Celebration by Kool And The Gang or september from Earth Wind And Fire, I was always like, “I want to write a song like that – a song that they play at weddings, birthdays, or sporting events when the whole world is watching.” And then we did – we have our wedding song! “, was finally delighted will.i.am.

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