Accused of making fun of Hailey Bieber, Selena Gomez apologizes

A few days before the launch of the Rhodes by Hailey Bieber range, Selena Gomez made a TikTok which, according to the still and always divided fans, seemed to make fun of the model.

Hailey Bieber shared two videos get ready with me while she is in Chicago.

On the same day, we were treated to a skin care video of Selena. Many noticed his pout.

Hailey’s fans quickly thought it was a video to make fun of the model and wife of Justin. They denounced Selena’s video with a shower of comments, such as “We know who you are referring to” and “You are just a copycat”. Comments have since been disabled.

Selena took a moment on the networks to say that she had no bad intentions behind her video. “I have no idea what I did wrong but I’m sorry. No bad intentions. I will delete soon.”

Both women have often asked their fans to stop making comparisons between the two. Each having its story with Justin Bieber. Hailey begged Selena’s fans a few weeks ago to leave her alone, and Selena on the other hand has already opened up about what it’s doing to her mental health.

A new video of Selena showing off her little morning beauty routine surfaced on TikTok today.

Arrow well felt towards the haters? Only Selena knows!

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