Achievement of an egg photo becoming one of the ‘Top’ 3 most liked on Instagram – Good morning, Javi and Maar!

“It’s already part of our lives. We have been with Instagram for many years, It seems like we’ve been around for almost, almost a lifetime, but Instagram was born in 2012. Well, precisely in 2010, and in 2012 when the version of Android and iPhone arrived for us both. But it feels like we’ve been around for a very long time.” Javi Nieves added ‘Good morning, Javi and Mar!’ To put the audience in context, before Mar Amet made a small personal assessment: “Okay, I’ll tell you something: It seems like we’ve been with her all our lives, but for me, if you take her away from me for three months, you give me disconnection.… you make me happy”.

“The first thing is that the first ‘selfie’ in history was taken on Instagram and was taken by Jane Lee, this account. And then, the man who gets the most ‘likes’ on any photo is Messi“, because, at this point, our ‘morning’ presenter had to give concrete examples, continuing like this: “You have the two most viewed photos in the ranking. The first is Argentina posing with the World Cup. It broke all records: 75 million likes. The second picture is of an egg, a brown egg. And third, again, Messi is sleeping with the World Cup, with 54 million likes.”

“I thought there would be a picture of Ellen DeGeneres at the Oscars, where all the famous people were taking ‘selfies.’Click ‘Play’ at the top of this news story, Mar was heard saying in the audio. Xavi candidly replied, “Well, not at all. Between Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi, he is the one with the most followers on Instagram.” His partner’s final conclusion? Rotunda: “It says a lot about us that the second most viewed picture is an egg. It says a lot about humans.”,

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