Action heroes return with new blood and the same old formula

The Expendables: Action heroes return with new blood and the same old formula

The Expendables: Action heroes return with new blood and the same old formula

indestructible 4 ,spend4balsUnited States/2023). Address: Scott Waugh. script: Kurt Wimmer, Tad Dagerhart and Max Adams. photography: Tim Morrissey-Jones. music: Guillaume Roussel. version:Michael Duthie. mold:Jason Statham, Sylvester Stallone, Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson, Megan Fox, Andy Garcia, Dolph Lundgren, Tony Jaa, Iko Uwais, Randy Couture. distributor: Imagem Films. Duration: 103 minutes. Ability: Suitable for ages 13+ with reservations. Our idea: Good.

Sylvester Stallone doesn’t change. His entire life in cinema is explained by absolute fidelity to a formula which he repeats again and again. First rule: impose a certain character with your stamp on the screen. Second: if things go well with it, it returns with new adventures to which it adds elements to enrich it in an increasingly broader and more diverse context. Third: He never abandons the original strong idea, and if necessary he returns to it all the time to regain momentum and start the same machinery again.

This happened with Rocky and Rambo, two projects configured specifically around Stallone’s image as writer and performer. and now this happens indestructible, an idea that Stainless Sly conceived as a collective demand for a way to understand action cinema. And also from a specific era within the history of the genre.

The first thing this fourth installment tells us is that the original objective has already been accomplished. And it’s time to open the game to a new generation, as if the time of the giants has already passed. In fact, the only one of those “disposable” old guys is Andy Garcia, who has little or nothing to do with action movies of other times.

At the same time, Stallone recently speculated that a new trilogy would begin with this fourth installment, starring the great Jason Statham, the most irascible and moody of all action heroes, as the leader of this group of new blood. Statham is one of the greatest personalities in this world because he understands perfectly the most important thing: in addition to acting seriously (his fighting style, mixing street boxing and martial arts, is unique) he knows how to parody. How to handle and laugh at yourself, another one of the terms related to the universe Indestructible.

    The Expendables 4: New faces, same formula

The Expendables 4: New faces, same formula

This argument is the shortest. The group (of which only the original Randy Couture and Dolph “Drago” Lundgren remain) must recover a shipment of nuclear weapon detonators that is in the wrong and very dangerous hands. Everything you’d expect from this type of adventure is here: confrontations to the death (bloodier than previous films), lots of digital effects, massive explosions, brutal villains, predictable twists, incredible dialogue, Few subtleties (or completely absent) and frequent displays of nobility, cordiality, self-referential humor, misunderstanding and even some suspicion of double-playing among the members of the renewed team of “Indestructibles”, the necessary quota in these times. And are integrated with respect to diversity with rules.

With Megan Fox providing a softly sensual touch amidst so much testosterone, as well as the intact charisma of Statham (the great hero) and Stallone, this opens a new chapter in the adventures of this group that is indestructible after resisting a few injuries. Seems like In future episodes, Stallone will find new names (veteran or new) willing to board a train that will continue its journey without any changes.

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