Activists denounce the famous Black Jaguar White Tiger foundation for alleged animal abuse

The Mexican naturalist Arturo Islas Allende has publicly denounced through his Instagram profile the popular foundation @blackjaguarwhitetiger of Eduardo Serio for alleged animal abuse having turned it into what he has called “a holocaust”.

The also activist and influencer yael ruiz She worked for two years in the foundation with the aim of collecting all possible information: videos, images and “other convincing evidence about what happens in there. As the activist Arturo Islas stated, Yael “took time to share out of fear , he looked for me and I told him to take me, I was able to see, record and witness the horror, I have been visiting him periodically for some time.

For years, the “animal lover” Eduardo Serio had a foundation located in Ajusco, south of Mexico City, in which he had hundreds of animals, especially tigers, jaguars and black panthers. The videos of him became the most popular and got singers like Maluma, actress Kristen Stewart or pilot Lewis Hamilton to donate money to keep the animals of this place in good condition.

His Instagram account accumulated more than 7.6 million followers and now it has been questioned whether he really rescues animals without profit or not.

They denounced the Mexican authorities

It was Arturo Islas who claimed to have denounced the situation that the animals are going through to the Federal Attorney for Environmental Protection of Mexico (@profepa_mx) and other authorities. The video that has gone viral on social networks also denounces that “@blackjaguarwhitetiger published a few days ago that he still had 400 animals, it’s a LIE, most of them have died, there are around 100 left, it’s time to act, to report evidence is needed and we want to collaborate with the authorities to give them more evidence that we have, we invite the brave this coming Tuesday, July 5 To the vicinity of the @blackjaguarwhitetiger foundation so that you yourselves with your cell phones can see and record the holocaust, we will leave at 12 noon of the entrance of six flags Mexico”.

As reported The Sun of Mexico “80 percent of the animals that live in Black Jaguar White Tiger, are in poor conditionas specialists report that are dehydrated, underweight, malnourished, or mutilated, explained Dr. Andrea Samuano, a veterinarian from the Association of Zoos, Breeders and Aquariums of Mexico (AZCARM). The specialist confirmed that tail mutilation in some of the cats is not due to starvation that they might have had but to stress since this gives them a certain pleasure”.

Eduardo Serio defends himself against the complaint

The owner of the foundation has uploaded several videos to his social networks defending himself against the accusations and affirms that “the authorities will decide but I am sure that we will come out clean”.

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