Actors who refuse to do double action and do dangerous scenes

The John Wick director has begun talks to consider the action stunt at the Oscars.

with movies like oppenheimer one of two Mission Impossible: Deadly Judgment – Part 1 It’s proving on Billboard that authentic and genuine cinema is still alive. first, for not using so-called CGI (computer-generated digital effects) at any time, to stay faithful to Nolan’s style of being as believable as possible, and second, for not using stuntmen or stunt doubles, To be faithful to it. Tom Cruise’s style of working on his scenes even though they may endanger his physical integrity, if not his life.

But, from Beyond Billboard, it turns out Cruise isn’t the only actor doing risky scenes without the need for stuntmen. It is true that there is no one better than him at what he does, but still, there have been a lot of actors and actresses in recent years who show that another cinema is possible without green screens and action doubles. . Here we bring you a few examples of what you can expect from actors Keanu Reeves for more unexpected artists like Zendaya,

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Disney Channel actress known for series like Excitement or the latest Spider-Man movies is one of the surprising names on this list. And it’s not exactly because she’s hanging out in Manhattan with Tom Holland, because that’s not what that movie is about. On the contrary, it is one of her great films for which the actress faithfully trained her skills as a trapeze artist. any ideas? Actually, we’re talking the great showman, for which he did not require doubles in some risqué scenes. Of course, he had to fight with his co-star and circus number on more than one occasion, Zac Efron: “Sometimes we hit each other a lot.”

another co-star Excitement And a good friend of Zendaya’s is on this list, and it’s for the famous HBO series. Elordi gives life to Nate, probably the character who is involved in the more physical scenes and for which he has decided with the director. Sam Levinson Take an active part in them. Most of the scenes we see in the series are performed by Elordi himself, including the fight involving Fiesco, his character in the second season and the recently deceased Angus Cloud: “It was incredible to shoot. We have our great stunt coordinator, Jeff Barnett, who is a legend. It put us in a spot where Angus and I were driving each other nuts, and Angus was breaking sugar bottles over my head. It was brutal. It sure was brutal.”

Another name that no one would probably expect to see on this list is the saga’s heroine, Kristen Stewart. twilight, And it is that we do not know whether she acquired vampiric or lycanthropic abilities from that experience, which has since encouraged the actress to participate in great action films – the last of which was claustrophobic. under the water– and in some even without the need for specialists, as was the case with The Tale of Snow White and the Huntsman, though it didn’t go well at all, “I had to jump off cliffs and ride a horse, and that scares me. I didn’t like doing all this. I don’t like it, I hate it. I fell off a horse once and hurt myself badly. When I was nine, my elbow broke and dislocated.”

If there’s one actor who has specialized in action movies in recent years, it’s Ryan Reynolds. which began making absurdist comedies and romantic comedies with Sandra Bullock has emerged as a go-to for superhero movies and other action films everlasting, free boy one of two adam project, And of course, his involvement has been such that he has taken up a fair share of his action sequences. However, an incident occurred during one of her shoots with the actor and she had to visit the doctor several times, who proposed an obvious solution: “I remember sitting in the doctor’s office – it was more or less the seventh time that year. Gone – and write a prescription, tear up the note and insert ‘double’.

To Sandra Bullock, Reynolds’ partner request, known as one of those great actresses who tries not to need doubles. Practically the actress has a long experience in action films miss constable And this continues to this day with films like the Lost City one of two bullet train, However, over the years she’s thought about doing all the stunts, especially since she’s a mom: “I stress about doing my own stunts all the time. But one thing that might make you reconsider your shot is having a baby. You say to yourself: ‘What if I fall in and die? Will it be a smart decision?

Bullock’s comment echoes exactly what happened to Drew Barrymore, who briefly did many of her action scenes. However, the hero of first 50 dating had a serious accident in his chain Santa Clarita Diet, and since then the neck is not played. “I will never do my own stunts again. It was the end of a wonderful era. I can look back and see a lot of films that I always threw myself into. i did in Charlie’s Angels, But I will never stunt again because I could die and it was very scary.

Last but not least, with permission from Tom Cruise, we find the great stuntman. Keanu Reeves has been making action movies for most of his life, and don’t let the looks of him fool you, it’s been a long time ago. But what’s more meritorious isn’t that it’s been so well preserved for its 58 years, but that it does so while still performing its own action sequences. no less than the previous ones john wick 4The character with which he is achieving his greatest success but also the one with which he is being pushed to the limits of his physical abilities.

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