Actress is found lifeless after being missing for days

The popular actress from Hollywood Lindsey Erin Pearlman was found dead after being reported missing in the city of The angels, California according to information shared by the authorities.

The famous had the opportunity to participate in playing roles in excellent productions such as “American Housewife” and “General Hospital” among other series.

According to the investigators, the public was asked to help find Lindsey, who was last seen last Sunday at noon, according to the reports. American newscasts.

His body was found lifeless this Friday morning when police were responding to a call asking him to attend a residential neighborhood in Hollywood where the Los Angeles police found her.

So far it is not known why he lost his life or why he was missing.

Lindsey Pearlman / AFP
Lindsey Pearlman was found dead.

The actress also had a role in the television version of “The Purge” and “Chicago Justice.”

He has a personal website where he also reflects on some of his other work, such as his great experience in the theater when he was in Chicago, the city where he was born.

Let’s hope for a quick resignation for the relatives, rest in peace Lindsey Erin Perlman.

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