Actress Marcela Valencia suffered a serious accident and reported that she did not receive medical attention

Photo: Instagram @marcelavalenciar
Photo: Instagram @marcelavalenciar

Film, theater and television actress Marcela Valencia has lived tense hours after suffering a home accident that forced her to go to the emergency room at dawn on May 12 at the Colombia Clinic in the capital of the Republic. The fact was recorded by the same artist through a tweet where she published a photograph in which she can be seen with a cut on her face at the level of her nose under her eye; from what can be seen in the photograph it is not a simple superficial wound.

Image taken from the official Twitter of Marcela Carvajal
Image taken from the official Twitter of Marcela Carvajal

The actress of ‘The mafia dolls’, ‘The man is German’ and ‘Colmenares’ among other productions did not reveal further details of the way in which the cut on the face was produced, what she did point out was that in the center hospital there was no professional staff to attend to the urgency for which he had gone to the clinic.

In the message of his tweet, he indicated that they gave a basic treatment to his wound, without observing how delicate it is because said wound is on the face of the affected artist: ”I had an accident at home. I have EPS SANITAS AND PREPAID MEDICINE. I arrived at the Colombia Clinic emergency room at 430 am, they washed the wound, they have to take stitches, after 3 hours I haven’t been seen by a plastic surgeon, because they don’t have any. I’m scared. It’s my face.”

The trills and complaints of the actress did not stop there, because she returned to share her dissatisfaction with the treatment received in the health service: “It is unheard of, not even with prepaid they move and nothing happens. For me this is an emergency.”.

Finally, he concluded the complaints made to the emergency room of the hospital center, pointing out that a medical center with these conditions should have trained professionals 24 hours a day. “In an entire clinic of this level, there are no nighttime emergencies with plastic surgery. And they can’t call any doctor to wake him up. You have to wait for them to arrive, attend procedures and then the emergencies. That’s the level. Oh and they only have 1 a day”.

Although the complaints to the Colombia Clinic ended there, the interactions of the actress with the social network did not end, Marcela pointed out a couple of comments from users who made fun of the actress for her political positions and her accident. “Our DNA is damaged, this is the type of comments and other worse of the Uribista hordes in the face of an accident”tweeted the actress sharing the answer “You like to live tasty! Imagine if this is how it is now that we are half well, what it will be like when you live tasty… I invite you to reflect! Wait your turn”.

“Speechless. The uribista hordes”, trilled the actress, showing how some malicious users of the social network mocked.

The actress is remembered because a few days ago she appeared in a video posted on the Colombia Humana account in which some well-known artists from the national show business expressed their support for the candidate Gustavo Petro.

The video was broadcast by the Colombia Humana party, that of Petro, as well as on the official Twitter accounts of several of the country’s most famous artists, such as Julián Román. “Overcome fear. Vote for him change”, reads the text with which the interpreter spread the video. Carolina Ramírez also appears in the images, the renowned interpreter who stars in the successful series ‘La Reina del Flow’. In addition, they are Fabio Rubiano, Adriana Romero, Carmenza Gómez, and Marcela Valencia, all with extensive and extensive careers in the performing arts and who did not hesitate to show their support for who today leads the intention to vote for the Presidency of Colombia.

During the advertising piece, Marcela Valencia assured that the false news wanted to cloud Petro’s political campaign and for this reason she recalled one of the most common alleged myths with which they have questioned the former mayor of Bogotá: “‘We are going to become like Venezuela’ was the slogan with which this government came up,” said the actress in the epilogue.


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