Actress Michelle Rodriguez arrives at Discovery to make a great escape behind the wheel

LRenowned American actress Michelle Rodriguez, star of the famous ‘Fast & Furious’ saga, makes the greatest fantasy of 24 elite drivers come true by putting them behind the wheel during a real high-speed chase. On Thursday, June 30, at 10:00 p.m., Discovery Channel premieres ‘Escape at the wheel’, a new bet on the channel that mixes the best of action movies with a passion for motoring and speed, and where adrenaline is the principal ingredient.

This new series is a kind of highway escape room in which competitors, behind the wheel of unique car parts, must outperform their pursuers in speed and skill. Michelle Rodríguez, an expert in extreme driving on the big screen, together with him and the program’s team of motor experts, are in charge of preparing the aspiring elite pilots to achieve their ambitious goal: to be the fastest and most skillful behind the wheel. in a high-speed chase.

To become the best driver in the United States, each of the participants must give the maximum of their driving skills to get out of a circuit with secret exits and chasing cars that will try to hunt down the drivers, thus truncating the participation.

Throughout 8 episodes, the 24 expert pilots of ‘Fuga at the wheel’, drivers specialized in drift, rally and street racing, will compete with each other to test their escapism skills and their mental strength by avoiding all kinds of obstacles and traps. that await them. Speed ​​and precision will be the main assets that the participants have to emerge victorious and become the best driver in the United States putting their own vehicles into play.


In this first season of ‘FUGA AL VOLANTE’, Michelle Rodriguez brings the audience closer to all the pirouettes and risky maneuvers that she is used to in each of the installments in which she has participated in ‘Fast & Furious’.

The 24 candidates will attend the event with their favorite vehicles to beat the rest of the rivals in a true survival race on the asphalt. A minimum of two chasing cars will put each of the participants in a bind trying to prevent each of the drivers from escaping and boxing them in to disqualify them and eliminate them from the competition.

All kinds of racing cars run through the industrial area that Michelle and the program team have prepared with endless traps on the track, testing cars like a Tesla, an S2000, a ’66 Impala or a ’94 Ford Taurus. as America’s best and most skilled pilot?

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