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At 57 years old, the Oscar-winning actress continues to reinvent herself for the big screen and this time Viola Davis dresses in the battle uniform of the African warriors Agojie in the new Sony Pictures production, the king womanpartially inspired by real events and that opens in Ecuador this Thursday, October 6.

Tape takes place in the 19th century and collects the story of the Agojieone of the first groups of female warriors to they defended the African kingdom of Dahomey under the support of their king.

“With this production, Sony Pictures tries to sow in its viewers a family message, because it is also a film that denotes a lot of tenderness, despite all the strength displayed by the agojies”, commented for this newspaper Carla Arcentales, spokeswoman for Sony Pictures. However, she warns that The recommended age to attend as a family is from 12 years old.

In the production, Viola Davis plays Nanisca, the leader of the agojie and who is also responsible for supervising the training of the new aspiring warriors, because when an external threat puts their people on alert, they will need to strengthen their elite team with younger members. At the same time, Nanisca must face painful memories and faces from her past while going through her own concerns as a woman.

I had the feeling that The Woman King it could be a very important story, because I saw myself reflected in it”, commented the actress days ago. “I saw my own femininity and integrity reflected. I have always pointed out that any piece of history is important, even that tiny one. I think the world demands more of these narratives”.

Alongside Davis shine other great actresses and actors such as Lashana Lynch (no time to die, 2021) who plays the funny warrior Izoguie. They are also Thuso Mbedu, 31-year-old actress who dazzles with her performance in the role of Nawi and Sheila Atimas the loyal Menace. John Boyega (The Force Awakens2015) joins the cast as King Ghezo.

The fighting strengths of the Agojie are in your specialized training not to feel pain, innovative war strategies such as apply vegetable oil on their bodies so as not to be caught by the enemy during the battle. Also, his nails were sharpened to use as claws.

Viola underwent strong physical training for this role, in addition to following a diet. But it’s also surprising because, although everyone in Hollywood has a double for certain scenes, she decided to do most of her shots because she wanted to feel immersed in the story”, commented the spokeswoman for Sony Pictures.

“The tape was shot in south africa and its landscapes are truly splendid. It was also produced with a technology that it turns it into an experiential experience, because you are going to feel very close to you the swords, the blows, etc., because it is made for all the senses”.

The story also highlights the courage and tenacity of African women, seen from various contexts, including the political, by differences they divide the kingdom of Dahomey from the Oyo. Without leaving aside the painful historical memory of slavery.

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