Adam Brody’s ‘The OC’ Era Regrets Rachel Bilson Not Sharing


fox the oc It was a television series for the time. From the beloved characters to their entertaining and relatable stories, audiences and viewers were instantly hooked. the oc Still, despite love of the show, star Adam Brody has a regret of the times. Rachel Bilson, however, doesn’t feel the same way.

A closer look at Adam Brody and Rachel Bilson’s relationship on and off screen

Rachel Bilson and Adam Brody (Photo by Donato Sardella/WireImage)

Adam Brody and Rachel Bilson’s acting careers took off in large part thanks to the oc In the popular series, they played Seth Cohen and Summer Roberts. Seth has had a crush on Summer for years, and she finally begins to pay attention to him, thanks to the arrival of her housemate, Ryan Atwood (Ben McKenzie).

Seth and Summer’s romance remains a cornerstone of the series. Their chemistry during filming was so organic that it even led to Brody and Bilson dating for a few years. Despite calling it quits, the two actors remain friends. In fact, Bilson told Brody in 2021, “I was never better than when I was performing with you.”

Brody regrets his fashion from ‘The OC’ era, but Bilson doesn’t

Of course, not everything that happened during the show was great. In a 2016 episode of The Late Late Show with James CordenWhen asked about his fashion regrets, Brody said he wished he could get it all back “before 2010.” While she was primarily focused on throwing off her ’90s fashion in the style of “Coreys” and “Vanilla Ice,” it’s safe to assume that she might also be thinking of some of her early 2000s looks.

Bilson, on the other hand, owns her fashion choices. This became clear when she appeared on an episode of InStyle’sLet’s unpack that.” Holding up a photo from a 2003 event, Bilson broke his bang style from the past. Despite wearing jeans under a dress, Bilson reaffirmed his choice. “By the way, I’m totally fine with using that now,” he stated firmly. “Everything comes back,” he reminded viewers.

While acknowledging that he’s “older” now and that his style has evolved, Bilson said, “I’m okay with that,” adding, “I’m not horrified.”

Adam Brody appeared on Rachel Bilson’s ‘The OC’ podcast

Bilson and Brody’s careers continued without each other, and she made breakthroughs on television on shows like dixie deer and him watching a hit on the big screen with Shazam! However, the couple got together to talk about the show that made them famous.

Fans who were longing for a reunion can tune in Welcome to the OC, B——, Bilson’s podcast with another former co-star, Melinda Clarke. The former couple took a walk down memory lane for the first time since the oc went off the air in 2007. “We hadn’t really talked since the show ended,” she told People. They previously caught up during a 2019 airport encounter that nearly broke the internet.

While Brody may regret his 2000s style, clearly the two share no animosity. “I don’t remember a lot of negativity around me and Adam,” Bilson said. “He was such an important person in my life,” he continued, “it was like catching up with an old family member.”

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