Adam Sandler has found his Pippen in Chalamet

First off I have to make a confession: I was tired of watching blurry videos of Adam Sandler playing basketball with strangers at LA Fitness. If you’re an expert on “Sandmanology,” you’ll know that the charismatic 56-year-old actor is an avid runner and excels on the court. Plus, it looks great while doing it. It’s hard to find someone who hits 3s with such cool style.

However, surely you must have wondered who these playmates are and why they are privileged to share those moments with the comedy legend. I was surprised too. Doesn’t Adam Sandler have famously tall friends?

The answer is Timothée Chalamet.

During the SAG-AFTRA strike, both actors had time to do daily activities like playing basketball on the streets of Soho. And I have to admit that Sandler has found his perfect partner, his personal “Pipen.” I’m not just talking about the unlikely combination of these two celebrities, but the magic they create when they meet on the court. Sandler behaves like a seasoned player who dominates the basketball with his finesse with the impressive pass. And Chalamet? The guy knows how to move without a doubt, with skill gives the real “Europage”. It’s as if Chelsea Sandler has become a basketball monster capable of anything on the court.

Of course, I don’t know who are the other four players who came with him. Chalamet’s friends? Lucky New Yorker? Additional people may have been hired for a possible Secret sequel Claw, Who knows. But by my calculations, these “Laughing Brothers” (I know, the name sucks, I’m working on it) are only three celebrities away from making a basketball dream team. With Zendaya, who, in addition to being tall, is best known for playing Lola Bunny in an animated film, we just need to fill in the blanks to complete a team of celebrities we’ve all seen on the court. Want to see in action.

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