Adam Sandler talks about Sonic “the last movie I saw the night before the quarantine started”


Adam Sandler has revealed that Sonic was the last movie seen in theaters the night before quarantine began.

Adam Sandler he said he saw Sonic right there night before that began the forty, and remember noticing changes while watching.

Rough Diamonds 4

Rough diamonds: a close-up of Adam Sandler

Adam Sandler reviewed Sonic The Movie during a Jimmy Kimmel Live! revealing that the film with Jim Carrey’s voice was the last film seen in theaters before the quarantine. Sandler said he had been to a Los Angeles Lakers game that same afternoon and didn’t want to go home. At the cinema, however, there were already signs of the impending quarantine, with people spaced out and a strange atmosphere, but that didn’t stop the actor from appreciating Sonic:


“After seeing the Lakers I had the evening off so I went to see Jim Carrey’s movie Sonic. I noticed that people were scattered, there were few spectators in the cinema and I was laughing out loud. Even the people behind me. we laughed. That was my last movie in the cinema: Sonic. “

Adam Sandler continues: “I called Jim Carrey from the cinema and told him how much fun I had been. I didn’t know this was going to be the last movie to be seen in a movie theater.”.

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