Adamari López is 50 years old, but she appears in this nude bikini and looks 20

Adamari Lopez.

Photo: The Hot Table / Telemundo

Adamari López is 50 years old, is an actress and television host, as well as the mother of little Alaïa. She is the star, on the other hand, of the world of social networks and now her reels are a sensation on Instagram.

But, today, Saturday, April 30, the Puerto Rican celebrated Children’s Day with a photograph in which she appears next to her daughter. And yes, she is 50 years old according to her documents, but in the picture she looks 20. And although they are mother and daughter smiling for the photo, the truth is that they look like sisters.

It must be explained that this April 30, as Adamari makes clear in his publication, is Children’s Day in countries like Mexico and Colombia. “Today is #Children’s Day in Colombia and in my beautiful and beloved Mexico. From here I celebrate you all with my beloved @alaia, doing what we love the most, enjoying time together. How many Mexican and Colombian fathers and mothers around here?” she asked at the end.

But the driver also wanted to interact with her followers by requesting the following in her Instagram message: “Leave me your flag 🇨🇴🇲🇽 and I’ll leave congratulations to your children.”

The public, in addition to celebrating her beauty and how close she is with her daughter, tell her: “Linda, you are the best example to heal after a relationship 👏 I applaud you for being brave, for loving you.”

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