Adamari López made fans believe that Toni Costa was looking for her, but not everything would be what it seems

Adamari Lopez and Toni Costa
Adamari Lopez and Toni Costa

Since he parted ways with Tony Costa, Adamari Lopez She has avoided speaking ill of her daughter’s father and has dedicated herself entirely to her career as a host on Telemundo. In addition, her influence on her social networks keeps millions of her behind her to know everything she makes of her and although she would have made them believe that he was looking for her, not everything would be what it seems.

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She wanted to attract attention, but the fans think they are using her

On Instagram the gold shorty He usually updates his followers about his life, what he does and from time to time he seems to send hints to the men of his past. One of the videos that most caught everyone’s attention showed her receiving a call from a man with a Spanish accent, which made many connect the situation with Toni.

Adamari López would be part of a strategy

Adamari Lopez She was silent about her ex and her time at La Casa de los Famosos 2. For several weeks, the Puerto Rican diva was silent when it came to the Spanish dancer and what he was doing inside the mansion until this week when he finally defended him publicly on his Hoy Día program.

At one point in the morning, his partner Quique Usales made a comment about how Toni had dealt with Niurka Marcos Y Adamari Lopez reacted in his favour. This makes many think that it is part of a Telemundo strategy to raise the rating numbers not only in the coexistence reality show, but also in Hoy Día so that fans continue to be aware of what the former actress thinks of Toni.

More news from Adamari López:

She gave Evelyn everything, but the fans did not forgive her

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