Adamari López: “With everything I have experienced I have been able to confirm that eyes that do not see, heart that senses”

Adamari Lopez shared a video on Instagram that is giving a lot to talk about. And not because she looks much thinner than she did a few months ago, but because of the words on the express. Today’s presenter said: “With everything I have lived I have been able to confirm that eyes that do not see, heart that senses”.

Along with the video, he also launched this question for all his fans: “From 1 to 10, how much does yours feel?” Many of his famous friends have reacted to the publication, not only liking it, but also commenting on phrases such as: “How spectacular my Ada”, while others write to her: “Drop the 🎤”.

Her audience applauds her comment, they also admire her because she has been able to overcome all the obstacles that life has presented her with and others also say: “That sounded indirect.” Some, emulating an old phrase of Juan Gabriel say: “What is seen is not asked, how much you have been through Adamaris. How strong you are, forward always, really for the moment the best thing is to be with your daughter for a while, if God wants it that way, that love will come that knows how to value the love you give, pure admiration”.

Many believe that the host with these words is referring to Toni Costa and her “new” with Evelyn Beltrán: “True, that’s why I tell you Adamaris not to be so good. Everything with distance and category. Don’t let anyone else make you suffer. I never thought that your ex, did to you what he did to you. Good for leaving it. I congratulate you. Build stories with your beautiful daughter, but never with him“.

The public has agreed with Adamari López, congratulating her for having left Toni Costa and it is that they believe that with these words what she has wanted to say is that she already sensed his relationship with Evelyn Beltrán and that for this reason she left him . Hence the sixth sense, that of having sensed that something was not right and that for this reason it could not continue. But there is no doubt, for others that, while Toni Costa is happy next to her new love, Evelyn Beltrán, many believe that Adamari López, with this comment, continues to bleed from the wound…

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