Adele admits why she suffers from migraines and tremors and how her live performances have worked in her favor

Let us first recall that after thirty-four performances adele decided to expand Home Las Vegas restarts with 34 new shows 16 June 2023 will extend to 4 November 2023, To recap, in November 2022 a visit Which was fixed till March 25 of this 2023 and then extended.

Now, in the information collected by the newspaper SunBritish Artist Says Quitting Coffee “He’s banging his head because he’s suffering from migraines and tremors,

adele There is information in that newspaper that “It was harder for her than quitting smoking, but singing her hits on stage helped ease her caffeine withdrawal symptoms.,

Coffee and Performance

this week is back Las Vegas To continue his residence after taking leave for a few days. ,This week I decided to stop drinking coffee and I’ve had migraines all week“, says the artist who said so”I had a terrible headache for two days because I took the bite. My head was throbbing. It was like a drill going on inside my brain. There was a lot. It was harder than quitting, harder than when you want to quit drinking,

,i hate these symptoms Abstinence, I am not giving up yet. I drank about 25 decaf yesterday and tried to trick my brain into thinking I was drinking coffee.,

It’s never a bad moment to remember World Health Organization (WHO), you can consume up to 400 mg of caffeine a day without risk to health. This is equivalent to about 3-4 cups of coffee a day. Of course, the amount of caffeine varies greatly depending on the type of coffee you drink, the method of preparation and the size of the cup.

Back adele, continues his special residency at the famous Caesars Palace Hotel across from the Colosseum Of Las Vegas (USA). And, from what can be seen, he has returned with the usual inspiration and unattainable solvency of all his live shows.

We’ll continue to watch Weekends With Adele, the Las Vegas gig the artist proposed as the main objective of Live after releasing her album.30,

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