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Adele has returned to the music scene and thanks to his series of presentations at the Colosseum at the Caesars Palace Hotel, his fans have once again been able to enjoy his talent live and in full color.

Likewise, there have been many moments that will remain for posterity thanks to his show that It is one of the most requested.

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Now it has been a fan who gave the British one of the most emotional moments in her presentation in Las Vegas after bring a photograph of his deceased wife.

Adele took a moment to tell the public that with each concert she greets some of her followers and gets to know a little about their stories, like that of this man to whom she dedicated the song. “Someone Like You”, in honor of his wife.

“This is for you sir, who is showing me the picture of your wife.

When I walk in the audience, I wish you guys would see what I see when I have a little chat every night with a few people and watch their little stories.

And there was a man, can you see him? The one who is holding up his cell phone and who is there is the photo of his wife and that really touched me. I’m sorry, I’m so sorry for your loss. And I’m also sorry I didn’t realize what he was teaching me when I passed by.” said the British.

That was how Adele was moved to tears when she realized that this man’s wife he no longer managed to attend his concert and he had to go alone.

Weekends With Adele

Weekends With Adele, is the name that the artist gave to a series of presentations that will take place over several months on Caesars Palace Hotel Colosseum and they have been a resounding success.

these shows they had to be postponed after they registered several infections by Covid-19 in some members of his production team.

It should be remembered that after being away from the stage for more than six years, it was in October 2021 when he announced his long-awaited comeback with the single “Easy on Me”.

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The theme would be the first premiere for the release of his album “30”, that was published on November 19 of that same year and that, as always, honors the series of records that he has released and that are named after the age of the singer.

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