Adele may have confirmed that she is actually married

Adele has apparently confirmed her marital status, revealing that she has tied the knot with her boyfriend of two years, rich paul,

The 35-year-old and 16-time Grammy winner is said to have shared the good news with his friend alan carrComedy event in Los Angeles on Saturday.

According to viewers who remembered the moment on celebrity gossip Instagram account deuxmoi, Adele enthusiastically responded Karr Asked if anyone got married recently.

“I was at alan carrComedy show in LA tonight, and Adele Was in the audience. Allen asked the crowd if anyone had gotten married recently Adele Yelled ‘I did’, these were the words of a fan attending the show.

“When she asked if anyone had gotten married recently he shouted ‘I have.’ Very cute all around and it was very sweet but dipped right before it ended,” opined another.

The audience also noted Adelecareless presence of, with the mention of a person he jostled Karr And they are best friends.

A Twitter user confirmed the news by sharing screenshots of messages from his girlfriend who participated in the show.

“She was at a comedy show in L.A. and she asked if anyone had gotten married recently and she said ‘I have,'” the person recalled.

Did anyone else know about the wedding?

Adele mentioned earlier rich paul as her “husband” during her Las Vegas residency show in September. In a humorous exchange with an audience member after the proposal, he spilled the beans.

She joked, “You can’t marry me. I’m straight, my love, and my husband is here tonight.”

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When a video of the conversation surfaced on TikTok, fans were quick to pick up on the “husband” comment. adele and paul They went public with their relationship in July 2021 and were photographed courtside during an NBA basketball game.

The couple’s romance soon became public, with a source confirming that they were “100 percent” dating. Adele praised Paul In an interview with Rolling Stone, she described him as “incredible” and “open-hearted”, emphasizing that their relationship was “the easiest” she had ever experienced.

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