Adele reveals that she has been suffering from an illness

During a recent show of his current Las Vegas residency, Adele told his audience that he has been experiencing sciaticaa condition that can cause pain in one or both legs from the lower back.

As Cosmopolitan reports, while pacing the stage at Caesars Palace’s Colosseum on December 31, the singer addressed the crowd and said:

“I have to waddle these days because I have really bad sciatica.”

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Sciatica occurs when the body’s sciatic nerve, which begins in the spinal cord, passes through the hips and buttocks, and then branches down each leg, becomes irritated. It is a symptom that can be caused by various conditions, such as a herniated spinal disc.

According to Healthline, sciatica “involves a sensation that can manifest as moderate to severe pain in the back, buttocks, and legs.” Victims may also “feel weakness, burning or sharp pain, or numbness in these areas.”

Adele has spoken about her problems with back pain in the past.

“I slipped my first record when I was 15 from sneezing. I was in bed and I sneezed and my fifth flew out,” he told The Face in 2021. “In January, I slipped on my sixth, my L6. And then where I had a C-section, my core was useless. I’ve had back pain for, like, half my life, really,” he continued. “It breaks out, usually due to stress or a stupid posture. But where I got my strong tummy, down at the bottom, which I’ve never had before, my back doesn’t play as much.”

Adele’s 32-date “Weekends With Adele” residency in Las Vegas began on November 18 and will run through the end of March.

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Rapper Stormzy was in the audience on the opening night, praising it as “unbelievable” and “probably the best show” he had ever seen.

Adele is nominated for seven awards at this year’s Grammys, which take place next month at the Crypto.com Arena in Los Angeles. The categories the singer is nominated for include Album of the Year (for last year’s ’30’) and Song of the Year (for her lead single, ‘Easy On Me’).

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