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In recent years, Adele has established itself as one of the most popular british singers and talented in history, mainly thanks to hits like “Rolling in the deep” or “Someone Like You”, which have achieved playback records on music platforms worldwide.

Therefore, it is not surprising that Adele Laurie Blue Adkinsreal name of the celebrity from united stateshas had the luxury of rejecting the millionaire agreement that was offered to him “The Voice” to join as a coach, just as other figures such as Adam Levine either Ariana Grandein addition to concentrating on the release of her four albums, which are the age of the singer when she published them.

In the same way, the singer has shown herself to be a very professional person, even canceling her presentations a day before because she considered that the organization of the show “it was not good and lacked privacy”.

The Londoner is currently 34 years old (Photo: Adele / Instagram)

The Londoner is currently 34 years old (Photo: Adele / Instagram)


Precisely during a recent presentation, the 34-year-old British singer surprised by revealing to the attendees that a disease has been bothering her for a long time and she must live with it.

From November of last year to next March, Adele He will be in a series of presentations in Las Vegas, where he takes a few minutes to interact with the public and share his projects and best moments.

During the presentation, the attendees noticed that Adele could not make the common movements that an artist makes in a concert, something that the British woman did not hesitate to clarify. “I have to waddle these days because I have really bad sciatica.”, he explained.

Given the silence of some attendees who were surprised by the explanation, the singer decided to end the doubts by indicating that her discomfort has been going on for several years and, probably, she will have to live with it for the rest of her life.

I have had back pain for half my life due to stress and incorrect posture”, he added.

The British singer is completing presentations in Las Vegas (Photo: Adele / Instagram).

The British singer is completing presentations in Las Vegas (Photo: Adele / Instagram).


It should be noted that this is not the only case in which the artist highlights her back problems, because during an interview with The Face in 2021, Adele indicated that she has suffered from two herniated discs throughout her life.

The first occurred at the age of 15 due to a strong sneeze that caught her in a bad posture and the second in January 2021, when she was sharing with her son.

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