Adele’s disease that often forces her to walk on all fours

19, twenty-one, 25 Y 30. No, it is not about the winning numbers in the last Primitiva draw, but about the records that have led to Adele (34 years old) to be considered one of the great international stars of current music, thanks to songs like Rolling in the deep, Someone like you either Hello.

These songs were included in the set list of the different performances that the London singer had scheduled in Las Vegas, specifically at Caesars Palace Colosseum, although to her misfortune the latest news from these concerts has nothing to do with success, but with your health. Of course, the artist is taking it with relative humor: “I’ve been walking on all fours for four days.”

The reason for all this is “a very strong sciatica”, according to Adele herself, who showed an obvious stage limp in some of these performances in Las Vegas, nothing unusual in this type of ailmentsoriginated in the irradiation generated by the sciatic nerve, located in the lower part of the back, towards the hips, buttocks and legs.

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Sciatica usually appears when some element of our body oppresses the sciatic nerve itself, causing pain and a feeling of numbness in the legs. Of course, the good news for Adele and for all patients with this condition is that the problem is usually resolved with treatments that do not involve going through the operating room.

known issue

It is not the first time that physical problems have hindered Adele’s artistic career. To her difficulties in her vocal cords we must add a herniated disc that forced her to undergo surgery at the age of 15. This could be the prologue of the problems currently suffered in this area and one of the reasons that explain its great physical change in recent years, losing up to 45 kilos. This notable loss of weight has helped her suffer less back pain, a condition with which she claims to have lived “half her life”.

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As we said in previous lines, only in the most severe cases do sciatica problems force you to undergo surgery. The combination of drugs, physical exercise and physiotherapy treatmentfocused mainly on releasing the oppression of the sciatic nerve, usually give more or less immediate results and significantly improve the daily routine of the patient, although in some cases it is necessary to wait up to more than a month to feel said improvement, so Adele could still suffer from that annoying limp in his next performances.

Anyway, if the problem persists and the British singer develops symptoms such as severe muscle weakness or even problems in the functioning of the intestine or bladder, doctors could opt for an operation, an alternative that has been shown to be really effective, especially when the origin of the pain is related to a herniated disc.

This matter completes the unpleasant anecdotes that have surrounded Adele’s tour of Las Vegas. Exactly a year ago, she was forced to cancel the start of these performances, announcing some rescheduling that did not go down particularly well with her fans, especially when ticket prices skyrocketed. Initially, the most expensive ticket was at 4,500 euros for VIP spectatorsa cost that has increased to five million dollars.

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