Adele’s plight, and how she continues to lose more weight every day

There are those who speculate that Adele, one of the British artists with the longest career today, lost at least 40 kilograms between 2021 and 2022. However, the concern of her followers is born, since it is not known for sure how she achieved it

british singer Adele She was, for years, one of the most important representatives of the curvaceous women’s union. Despite her overweight, she always looked spectacular, and few people paid attention to this detail, because her impressive talent did not allow attention to divert from there.

Although we all come to think that Adele She felt really happy with her physical appearance, it seems that it was not like that, and in addition to her own traumas that come from the separations, the singer was very depressed by this, but she never told anyone, until she decided to shut herself away completely. In your world.

After his penultimate album, Adeleliterally disappeared from the world. On her social networks, she did not publish anything else, nor did she release any song in at least a year, but when she met her followers again, she left everyone more than surprised, the singer was unrecognizable.

There are those who point to Adele she lost at least 45 kilos, but the way in which she achieved it is a real subject of debate, since some say that the British singer underwent surgery and performed several surgeries, while others say that this is the result of your own effort with exercise and food.

The most certain thing is that until now Adele She has not said anything about her obvious and notorious weight loss, which has allowed her to show everyone a totally different facet from what they were used to seeing of her, what has been evident is that in each appearance the artist sees herself thinner day, which has concerned several people who do not understand their process.

The before and after of the singer Adele. Photo: The New Day

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