Adidas and Nike clone pirate tennis shoes in flea markets and markets in Leon – El Sol de Leon

Leon, GTO.- In the world of sports shoes, sneakers They have gone beyond simple sports shoes true works of art For lovers of fashion and urban culture.

sports shoes have become global phenomenon, fusing style, history and functionality. Reputed brands like Nike, Adidas and Jordan have led the sneaker revolution, but their popularity has also brought with it unique challenges, such as The rise of resellers and the growing problem of piracy.

This collectible event, Leon is not left behind in the cityWhere in neighborhoods such as the Zona Centro, shopping centers and other social places people can be seen wearing Adidas Superstars, Converse Classicos, Baleniaga Speed ​​Trainer, Jordan 1, Nike Dunk, Off White Low Vulcanized, Jordan 4, Yeezys, Air Force 1, Air Max, Jordan 2, New Balance, Bad Bunnies, among other popular models,

Just take a look at its quality Manufacture, logo, brand, label, tongue, sole pattern, fabric, box and even smellThe elements that are most common to identify with the naked eye, according to GOAT and StockX, the most reputable online stores and tennis authenticators in the United States. Compare the copy model with the original model,

Once you’ve researched the main differences of each model, Understanding whether a model is fundamental or not becomes a simple taskIt is enough to look carefully at the sneakers of most wearers to immediately understand that, for the most part, People in the city are wearing “pirate” models, This begs the question: where are these pirate models coming from?

However, it is impossible to find “cloned” models in shopping centers, such as Aldama, Comonfort, La Línea de Fuego Market, La Pulga, El Coecillo neighborhood and even in the Zona Piel. It is common to find dozens of stalls with “exclusive” tennis models.

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But it’s not all fun and collectibles, there is a background to the trading and consumption of these products that attempts to address Challenge presented by large-scale imports of Chinese footwear into Mexicosenator Antares Vazquez has proposed a 5% increase in tariffs for Asian footwear entering the country.

The reason for this is Concern about unfair competition Which affects the local footwear industry, especially the sports footwear sector. In addition to tariffs, Compensatory duty being considered for certain types of shoesAs part of a joint effort between the federal government and Mexican footwear manufacturers.

The situation has become so serious that Due to this a large number of companies were temporarily closed Footwear sales have declined in San Francisco del Rincón and Purisima del Rincón, resulting in significant job losses.

Despite local efforts, It is believed that federal government intervention and support is needed To address the problem of smuggling and lack of customs controls, which has worsened the situation of the footwear industry in Mexico.

Furthermore, in the world of ,eavesdropper, Prices can vary widely depending on brand, model and specification. For example, prestigious Nike Jordan 1which is based on passionate followerThe price for regular editions can range between 3,500 and 8,000 Mexican pesos, while special collaborations such as “Air Jordan 1 Off White Retro High” Which can reach up to 50 thousand pesos.

On the other hand, prestigious Yeezys Designed by Adidas, in collaboration with Kanye WestUsually over 10,000 pesos and reaching 20,000 or more depending on the edition and rarity.

Nike Dunks, which has experienced a revival in popularity, can range from 2,500 to 6,000 pesos, but special collaboration models are often priced in the 10,000 to 15,000 pesos range. These examples highlight the wide range of prices in the world of sneakers, where Demand, rarity and history of the model They are important factors in determining its value.

He sneaker collectingalso know as ,sneaker collection, has gained a passionate fan base across the world. For many, These shoes are not just sportswear.Rather, it is a form of personal and cultural expression.

as you describe it jose la pumaA sneaker expert and renowned journalist”Complex,Each pair tells a story, representing a moment in time, They’re like pieces of art that we wear on our feet,

most influential brands In the sneaker world they are Nike And Adidas. Like with iconic models Nike’s Air Jordan and Adidas’s YeezyThese companies have dominated the scene and established exclusive collaborations with celebrities and renowned designers.

As Joe LaPuma said, “ Collaboration between brands and celebrities Sneaker collecting taken to a whole new level. demand is unsatisfied,

However, the success of the sneaker collection has also attracted a controversial group: resellers, according to which “stockx“, this person They buy limited edition sneakers and then resell them. At exorbitant prices in the secondary market. The ethics behind this practice have been a subject of debate.

One of the most pressing challenges facing the sneaker community Spread of counterfeit products. Sneaker theft and cloning have reached alarming levels. These imitations are often difficult to distinguish from the original, indicating Threat to buyers and the industry as a whole,

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Sneaker brands to tackle piracy Have implemented advanced security measures, Such as holographic labels and QR codes on your products.

Besides, has stepped up its legal efforts Against those making and selling counterfeit goods. However, the problem persists and is constantly adapting to new technologies and methods.

,I like sneakers, but I’m a part-time cashier and student, I can’t buy real tennis shoesBut I’m dying to get the most popular silhouettes, that’s why I came to buy them, because it’s It is also an inspiration so that later I can buy an original model, The bad thing about these is that then your feet start smelling and you end up wearing them very quickly, but I still don’t see anything wrong with people buying them, everyone has their own preferences.” Christina Fierro, a customer at the sneaker stand, concluded Fire Line.

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