Adidas closes the showroom in Rome: 10 workers made redundant

Adidas has started a collective redundancy procedure which provides for a redundancy of 31 workers, of which 10 in Rome and 21 in Monza. For the German multinational in Italy it is the third collective dismissal in three years: 95 workers in all “cut” since the end of 2018.

Adidas fires: 10 redundant workers in Rome

All the result of the launch of a “strategic business plan”, which essentially aims at the centralization of activities with the reduction of clusters by 2022 and at a “more agile and rapid” organization of the sales structures. Hence the redundancies. The operation will impact on the top figures of the General Manager, Key Accounts, Field, Adidas Sport Specialist, Fashion, Customer Service and Sales Management channels.

In recent days, the comparison with the trade unions to which Adidas has assured that job positions will be made available and will be offered as part of the procedure to allow for any relocations.

The new store is not enough for everyone

But not all workers seem to be able to find a new place in the company perimeter. According to what is learned in Rome next May, one of the Adidas showrooms will close, 10 in all the redundant workers who can hardly be transferred all to the new store whose opening date and number of necessary employees are still unknown. Concern is growing among the employees of the well-known sports brand. Negotiation in progress.

The demands of the unions to Adidas

“With regard to this situation – Filcams Cgil, Fissscat Cisl and Uiltucs announced in a joint press release – we asked to highlight all the positions, starting from those of classification and profile closest to those of the functions declared redundant, which will open and which could provide at least a partial solution to the employment problem “. The trade unions also highlighted the need for greater clarity on the organization chart and on the definition of the post-reorganization sales structure “since we believe there may be further margins of protection opportunities for the volume of turnover, for the type of activity and the expected work “.

“It is necessary to identify solutions that minimize the impact of the reorganization on employment loss, through Job Posting, for example, and in any case – underlined Marco Demurtas of the national Fisascat Cisl – by agreeing on voluntary redundancy incentives, taking advantage of company availability in this sense”.

The next meetings between Adidas and the unions are scheduled for 9 and 15 December. The trade union organizations grappling with the reorganization and redundancies of the German multinational expect “concrete responses” to the numerous issues highlighted.

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