Adonis, Drake’s son copied Lebron James’ way of playing

Adonisthe son of drake imitated on his father’s private land, the way of making King James.

Drake passed on the love of basketball to his son

drake is a great lover of basketball, it is a fact known to all. Not only is he a fan of Toronto Raptors, but he also contributes to basketball. In this regard, he recently offered $100,000 to a young high school basketball player and his mother. It is also illustrated in the collection of basketball cards. Note that he also transmitted this passion to his son Adonis who was often seen with him at the edge of the field during the matches of the Raptors.

Adonis is already showing his qualities in basketball. drake posted yet another video of his son Adonis on his Instagram account. The son was on the floor to throw a few baskets and everything seems to indicate that he is closely following one of the great basketball players. After throwing the ball to the basket, Adonis double tap on the chest as lebron james. In the legend, drake point out this detail: “Where does he get @kingjames mannerisms”.


lebron james answered in his instagram stories with laughing to tears emojis: “My nephew really likes the game! ». Note that the small Adonis practice the Basketball on the private land of his father which is in his residence of Toronto.

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